How To Install Xmeye For Mac In 2022 (Free Download)

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Using security cameras has been growing up day after day. People are now much more concerned about their securities in their homes, office, or business. On account of this, they use IP Cameras to keep their eyes on their properties all the time. To monitor and control that camera surveillance, you need an app, right? But which app will be competent for you to use?

Xmeye For Mac

Well, in that case, we prefer using XMEye that we have tried and tested. It holds cloud technology; that means, you can log in simply by providing the device’s serial number only to show the live view. From getting HD resolution footage to snapshots, everything is possible with the app. However, we’ll show how you can have XMEye for Mac if you desire to monitor your cameras from your MacBook.

About  XMEye App

XMEye is one of the most popular Video monitor software that has been coded by huangwanshui. This Android app was released on the internet in 2014 for multiple platforms including Mac. From its releasing date to now, it has been giving user-friendly services.  In addition, this is the first video monitoring app that can be connected with Wifi and this makes it more prevalent.

XMEye For Mac

Specification of XMEye App

Different apps possess different specifications and it has too. Throughout the table chart below, we have presented to you some crucial specifications that are necessary to know for getting the authentic app from the Play Store.

Application Name XMEyeContent Rating Rated for 3+
Developer HuangwanshuiLicense Free
Last Update May 18, 2021File size 42M
Current Version Website

Features of XMEye App

XMEye is mostly popular for its unparalleled features that you will rarely get on other apps. Some of the necessary features have been described below which will make you understand why you should use this video monitor app rather than others.

View Live-Video:

XMEye Provides a real-time video stream of your IP Cameras that you have set up on your home, offices, or other places. No matter where you are staying, connecting to the app, you’ll be able to watch the Live-Videos and can keep your eyes on your properties all the time.

High-Quality Videos:

Who doesn’t want to get clear footage of their camera surveillance? But a very few apps you’ll find that confers high-resolution videos. In that case, this XMEye app is one step forward that always provides Live View with High-Resolutions.


This feature you may get on other apps too but they don’t work properly as we tested several apps. But the Snapshots feature of XMEye is incredible that works accurately at all times and you can snap certain footage with ease.

Record Videos:

If you have adequate time to watch the live view of your Cameras, don’t worry as it has a record video feature. This enables you to record your Live Videos to watch later.

Save Videos:

You can save your record videos too in your internal or external storage. Consequently, you can watch them whenever you need them.

How to Download & Install XMEye for Mac?

Now come to the principal object that how you can download it, right? Well, XMEye App Download for macOS is not as difficult as you think. Two different ways you can execute to have the XMEye app for Mac. The First one is using emulators which is the easiest way to download the app. The next one is, downloading from the Mac Store.

Download &  Install XMEye for Mac with an Emulator

Android Emulators are Third-Party Software that allows you to experience the Android apps on PC & Mac. A huge collection of emulators are available that you can install on your  Mac to have Android apps. But the commons are

  • Bluestacks
  • NoxPlayer
  • Remix OS Player
  • MEmu
  • ARCHon

Here, we’ll pick up the emulator software Bluerstacks to show the download procedure as it is easy to have XMEye for Mac Free Download with this emulator.

Step  1: Go to the official website of Bluestacks to have it on your Mac first.

Download & Install XMEye for Mac with an Emulator

Step  2: Once the Bluestacks is downloaded and installed, open it on your MacBook

Download & Install XMEye for Mac with an Emulator 2

Step  3: Open the Google Play Store from the emulator’s Homepage and sign it to get access.

Download & Install XMEye for Mac with an Emulator 3

Step  4: After having access, type “XMEye” on the play store search bar and wait for search results.

Step  5: Press on the app’s thumbnail and then click on the “Install” option from the right side below.

Download & Install XMEye for Mac with an Emulator 5

Step  6: As the app is installed, you’ll find it on the system app folder “My App”.

How to Download & Install from the Mac’s App Store

Downloading from the App Store is easier than downloading it with emulators. By tracking down some simple steps, you can have it on your Mac.

  1. Open app store from your Mac
  2. Log in to the App Store (If you aren’t signed it yet)
  3. Search the App on the search bar
  4. Press on the app icon
  5. Click on the “Get” Option
  6. Wait a few seconds until it is installed

Alternatives to XMEye App for Mac

If you are not satisfied with the XMEye what will you do then? Well, for your convenience,  here we are going to present you the two most popular apps that can be used as an alternative to the XMEye app.

Smart Meye:

Why should you use this app as an alternative to XMEye? What makes it different from the XMEye? These types of questions may arise in your mind and it’s normal. Actually, with the Smart Meye App, you can stream videos over 3G or Wifi. In addition, it holds the QR Code Scan and P2P option to connect the camera with ease. Audio and talkback features also made it unique. You can check out our article to know about downloading procedure of Smart Meye for Mac.

Yale View:

This app possesses some unique features too that will provide you with a different vibe. Multi-channel viewing is one of the prominent features of the app. Besides, Yale View supports full HD indoor cameras over wifi. Playback recording, and DVR detects are two of the crucial features that make it acceptable to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Few questions and their answers have been included below that will help you to solve some problems that are related to the XMEye app.

How to Set up Your CCTV on XMEye?

Connecting CCTV Cameras on XMEYe is Easy. Follow the Procedures Below

  1. Open XMEye app
  2. Press on the Login option
  3. Select “+” Icon from the above right side
  4. Now write the configuration of your Cameras like Device Name, Serial Number, DDNS, and Advanced
  5. Now press on the Save option

Why is My XMEye App Not Working?

Sometimes this XMEye app doesn’t work properly due to a slow internet connection. So, if you confront this type of issue, first check your internet connection.

How Can I Download XMEye for Mac?

Windows Version of XMEye is not available right now. In that case, with emulators, you can download it with ease. You can check out the above steps as we mentioned in the download segment.

Final Verdict

For monitoring your CCTV or IP Camera, XMEye is undoubtedly an incredible app. From getting HD resolution footage to saving videos, you can do everything with the app that is necessary for your camera surveillance.

However, in this context, we have shown how you can download XMEye for Mac in two different ways. You can execute any of the methods to have it on your Mac.  For any queries related to the app, drop your comments below.

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