WifiKill For Mac 2022 – Download & Install Lastest Version!

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WifiKill is a useful Android app which prevents access to unauthorized Wi-Fi networks. Its sole purpose is to eliminate unfavorable Wi-Fi connections. This app can assist the users by letting them know how many devices are connecting to their personal network and helps to disable them.

With the help of this app, users can also check another Wi-Fi network as well as boost the speed of access. Yet, the main purpose of this app is to protect a personal Wi-Fi network from being hacked by others.

WifiKill for mac

However, there are so many people who would like to download the Wifikill for Mac to control their devices from the MacBook. That’s why, in this article, we have discussed the complete process of downloading it.

Short Overview of WifiKill App

Wi-Fi Kill is a free app that will help you to identify those devices which are abusing your Wi-Fi. You can just disconnect them and have a full bandwidth all to yourself.

This app is designed and developed by Boubkari Aissam in August 2020. After releasing this app on the Play Store, more than one hundred thousand people downloaded it on their devices.

This app received 7 reviews with a good rating of 3.0 out of 5 from its users. The most recent version of this app is 1.0.6, and it was recently updated on February 19, 2021.

Technical specifications of Wi-Fi Kill App

If you like to keep things structured, here’s a table of contents to help you quickly through all the specifications of the Wi-Fi kill app. Let’s have a look-

Application Name:

WiFi KiLL Pro – WiFi Analyzer

Content Rating

 Rated for 12+



Offered By

Boubkari Aissam

Last Update

 February 19, 2021

File size


Current Version


Official Website


Required Android

4.1 and up



Major Features of Wi-Fi Kill App

features of WifiKill for mac

Wi-Fi kill has some fascinating features which will help you find the people who are using your Wi-Fi easily. Here we’ll discuss some of them and hope they will mesmerize you-

View the Connected Devices:

You can see the linked devices that are connecting in the same network. Also, it could receive all the data about the connected devices. Such as the brand name of the devices, time of connectivity, or how many people are connected with your Wi-Fi. With the NetCut, you can see the IP address and the Mac Address of the connected devices. This app also allows you to change the mac address of those devices.

Wi-Fi Analyzer and Data Transfer Rate:

The wifi kill app has a Wi-Fi analyzer function. From this, you can analyze the status of your connection with some simple steps. This app comes with extra features of revealing the data transmission rate of the connected devices. This feature will activate when you’re doing any kind of downloading or uploading on your device.

Cut Off Any Devices Connection:

It can assist you in disabling the connection of any connected Wi-Fi device. You can also disconnect all linked devices from your Wi-Fi network.

Easy Interface:

The wifi kill app is easy to use with just a few clicks. The interface of this app allows you to manage your Wi-Fi networks. For its easy interface, you can monitor connected devices’ network activity and kill the wifi connection for those devices.

Increase Connectivity:

By shutting out other interfering devices on the same network, the WiFiKiLL helps you to improve your device’s overall connection. It has an anti-WifiKill function, which ensures that no one else can destroy your connection.

How to Download and Install WiFi Kill For Mac?

Even though the wifi kill app is primarily designed for Android and iOS, it is possible to get it for Mac. You could install any mobile app on your Mac by using an Android emulator. Emulators make it simple for Windows and Mac users to install mobile apps.

On the internet, you may find numerous emulators. From there, you must select the appropriate and simple solution. Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu, Remix, and Archon, are the most popular and easy-to-use emulators. We’ll show you how to use the Nox Player emulator to get Wifi Kill for MacBook Pro.

Download and Install WiFi kill for Mac With Nox Player

Wifikill free download for mac is easy with the help of Nox Player because this emulator has a standard interface. Here we will show the downloading procedure with Nox Player.

Step 1:

You must first download the NOX player emulator before you download the Wi-Fi kill. You may acquire it from its official website or by searching for it on Google.

how to Download and Install Wi-Fi kill for Mac With Nox Player

Step 2:

After downloading the NOX player’s mac version, double-click it to install the emulator on your Mac. It will just take a few seconds to be completed.

how to Install Wi-Fi kill for Mac With Nox Player

Step 3:

Then open the NOX player & go to the Google Play Store and sign in with your current Google account or create a new one.

login or sign up to Download and Install Wi-Fi kill for Mac

Step 4:

After you’ve gained access to the Play Store, type the Wi-Fi kill app into the search box. Open it from the list of results and select the “Install” option. It will automatically download and install in a few seconds.

how to Download and Install Wi-Fi kill for Mac

Step 5:

Now Return to the app folder of the NOX players emulator, where you will see your downloaded Wi-Fi kill app. Start using the application on your Mac.


You can also apply the above-mentioned procedure to install the Wi-Fi kill program for Windows if you are a Windows user.

Alternative apps to Wi-Fi Kill for Mac

If you want to use the alternative app to Wi-Fi kill but don’t understand which will be the best option for you. Then here is the best alternative for you in this section. Here we have discussed two different alternatives to the Wi-Fi kill app.

Netcut Pro:

Netcut is an app that allows you to receive extensive information on individuals who are using your Wi-Fi network. It can identify data from any internet-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even PSPs. NetCut will also play an essential part in your network’s security.

You can control which devices are connected to your network by enabling and disabling them. It allows you to modify the IP address as well as a clone of it. It can also choose among several sorts of network adapters.

Arp Guard:

ARP Guard (Wi-Fi Security) is for everyone who cares about the security of their personal information and does not want to put up with such activities in open Wi-Fi networks.

This app is considered one of the highest quality in the Tools category. ARP Guard has gained a lot of popularity among Android users due to its simple-to-use as well as navigation UI. It disconnects your connection as soon as it identifies an attack. It vibrates your device or notifies you of the attack through the notifications panel.

Frequently asked question

There are some frequent questions which people asked about the Wi-Fi kill download for mac. Let’s have a look-

 How can I kill WIFI without root?

  1. Run the application when it has been installed.
  2. By pressing the right button, you may search for the devices.
  3. You’ll see a list of IP addresses or devices.
  4. Simply choose the one you want to disable and tap it.
  5. Then select Kill from the drop-down menu.

 Is The WifiKill App Safe?

WiFiKill also illustrates security flaws in Wi-Fi networks; thus, it’s a valuable instructional tool. However, the software was deemed too wicked for Android Market, Google removed it, you’ll have to get it from the XDA Developers forum.

 Is WifiKill Illegal?

In terms of legality, the government has yet to clarify whether it is permissible or not; nevertheless, if you are using it for security reasons, it is legal; but, if you are using it to cause unnecessary inconvenience to others, it is not.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for a proper way to manage your Wi-Fi connection, you should download the wifikill for mac. Install it on your Mac, and you’ll be able to disable the internet for network hoggers. In this article, we have discussed wifikill for mac free download using the NOX player because this emulator is more manageable than other emulators. If you want to know more about this monitoring app for your Wi-Fi network then comment below.

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