Tuner for Mac 2022 – Download And Install On Mac Or iOS

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Are you in the first step of learning guitar? Then the Tuner App will make your learning to play guitar more fun and easy. You can also explore and increase your love of music with the Tuner App, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro.

You can follow the 9000 plus lessons given by the real music teachers and learn the tutorials to progress in your track of learning guitar. About 20 million people are learning guitar from the Tuner App and you can connect with them.

The Tuner app is available on two major platforms, including Mac. But most people don’t know how to download the Tuner for Mac. In this content, you will present the complete process of it.

Tuner for mac

About the Tuner App

Tuner app was released on 10 August 2012 by Yousician Ltd. The current version of this app varies with users’ devices, and was last updated on October 29, 2020. About 50 million people downloaded this app from the Google store. The ratings of this Tuner app are 4.6, which was rated by more than 9500 people.

about Tuner for mac

Technical specifications of Tuner for MAC: Check Before Downloading This App

In this table, we’ve mentioned all the detailed information that you should check before you get this Tuner App for macOS. Here you’ll find the last update, content rating, file size, and many more.

Application Name:GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more!Content Rating Rated for 3+
Category  ToolsOffered By Yousician Ltd.
Last Update  28 October 2020File size 48 MB
Current Version 6.16.0Official website https://yousician.com/

Why you should choose Tuner App for MAC?

There are lots of guitar learning apps present in the Google Store. So, why should you download the Tuner App? Why is this app so unique? To clarify all your doubts, check out this segment, which is full of features.

  • This tuner app is Simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It works with electric as well as acoustic guitars.
  • They have 6 Chord learning games that help to learn and practice the master chords.
  • The tuner has a chord library where you can find chord diagrams and hear them too.
  • You can hear four songs together with the help of guitar notation (tabs) and can test your skills.
  • Tuner app has more than tuning which has Drop-D, seven-string tuning including drop-A.
  • This app has a noise cancellation system with which you can tune in to a noisy place and save them without any noise effect.
  • This app has 9000 plus lessons and 1800 songs for the beginner, as the guitar teachers recommend this too.
  • The Tuner App has alternative tuning sets and chromatic tuners too.
  • You don’t need any cables, and this app strings guitar to use the built-in microphone.

Download and Install Tuner for MAC with Two Methods

The Tuner app download for macOS is really easy. Applying two simple methods, users can get this Tuner for Mac. Firstly, you can use a third-party emulator, and secondly, you can download this app from the Mac Store directly. Here, under this segment, we’ll discuss both the process for Tuner for mac free download.

Download and Install Tuner for Mac With Emulator

There are thousands of Android emulators you will find on the internet. But all of them will not provide the same services. That’s why we have noted some well-known Android emulators. They are Nox Player, MEmu, ARChon, Remix OS, and Bluestacks. Among all of them, here we’ll show the downloading procedure of Tuner for mac with Nox Player.

Step 1: Download Nox Player Emulator
First, Google the Nox Player’s official site and download the DMS file by clicking on the Mac version. Depending on your internet speed, it’ll take some time.

download Tuner for mac using nox emulator

Step 2: Install Nox Player’s Setup File
Once you’ve downloaded the DMS file, click on it to install the setup file on your MacBook.

installation process of nox player to download Tuner for mac

Step 3: Open Nox Player and Run Google Play Store
When the downloading and installing procedure is done, open the Nox Player on your Mac. Then run the Play store from the Home Page of the Nox Player.

launch playstore to download Tuner for mac

Step 4: Log in or Sign Up to the Play Store
Give your Gmail Account and passcode to get access to the Play Store. If you don’t have a Google account, then open a new one and then login there.

login with your gmail account

Step 5: Search Tuner App
When you get access to the Play Store, search for the Tuner App by typing it on the search bar.

select the thumbnail of Tuner for mac

Step 6: Select and Install Tuner App
When you get the search result, tap on the thumbnail of the Tuner App to open it. Then, on the top right side of the app, you will see the Install button. Tap there; it’ll install automatically.

download and install Tuner for mac

Download Tuner App From Mac App Store with Simple Steps

Here you’ll find another way to download the Tuner app on your MacBook from the App Store.

  1. Open the Mac store from your macOS.
  2. Here, log in with your Apple ID.
  3. Type Tuner App on the search bar.
  4. Now select the first App when the search result comes out.
  5. Now Tap on the Get button, and it’ll download automatically.

Alternative apps to Tuner for MAC

If you have any intention to get apps like Tuner on your Mac, then this segment is for you. Here we’ll discuss two different apps which will be the most similar and popular to the Tuner App. Let’s check them out if you want to use all these alternatives.

Guitar Tuner Pro App:

Guitar Tuner is the most featured app for fine-tuning, which will allow you to use a ukulele, guitar, bass along with other strings. When you use this app, you don’t need to add any other cord to link with your guitar. Now you can tune anywhere and anytime easily by switching in the manual or automatic mode.

Guitar Tuner offers 2640 chords along with search functions. This app also has a screen lock system to lock your favorite note, which you can tune later. Reading about all these beneficial features, if you want to learn more about this app, check out our Guitar Tuner App content for Mac.

Pro Guitar Tuner:

This is a chromatic tuner that listens and analyzes the sound of your guitar in real-time. The Pro Guitar Tuner can track the sound from the built-in mic, headset, guitar clip, as well as from any other external microphone. This excellent app is used by pro guitar makers or guitar repair shops along with other musicians from everywhere.

There in this app, you’ll find high-quality samples of others with real instruments that will help you to tune with different stringed instruments. Pro Guitar Tuner also offers various kinds of tuning for ukulele, bass, violin, and guitar.

Frequently asked question

Here we’ve discussed some questions which are asked by many users of the Tuner App.  Hopefully, these will help you with acceptable solutions to the issues you’re dealing with the Tuner App.

How can I set up my Guitar sound recognition issues?

If your guitar is a 6-string instrument, then it’ll work better. For a standard tuning, you can use electric, acoustic as well as electroacoustic guitar. If you have any recognition problem, then check these tips-

  • Check if you permit the Tuner app to access your microphone: Enable microphone access.
  • Double-Check the tune you adjust with your guitar; it should be the in-app tuner; otherwise, you will have this recognition problem.
  • Check your guitar setup and the advanced audio settings from the game

How to check microphone setup for a Mac device?

For setting up the microphone for your Mac device, go to the System preferences> Tap the Sound option. And then, tap on the current input device, wait for a few minutes. Now check the input level and adjust it if necessary.

How to access Yousician on different devices?

Using mobile devices like iOS, Android and computers like PC, Mac is easy to fulfill the system requirements.  To get access on different devices, log in with your credentials like – username, email address, and passcode.

Wrapping Up

The Tuner app is an excellent and simple app for learning guitar lessons and a rewarding journey all around mentally and emotionally. With the Family Membership, you can invite your family members to join this fun learning. Here you can track your own progress along with comparing it with others and learn together too.

However, within this article, we’ve illustrated the whole procedure of downloading Tuner for Mac. Along with that you get the full review of the Tuner app, and all this information will help you to get this app quickly on your Mac. Download it and follow the lessons to learn guitar fast.

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