Todoist for Mac – Download Guide

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Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps for Mac. It lets you easily organize stuff, and you can add a lot of tasks to it that are important to you. Apart from just being a regular to-do list app, Todoist has a lot to offer.

If you are wondering how to get Todoist for Mac, you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll find everything required to download this app on your Mac computer. We’ve even covered the pricing and some important features you should know. 

Let’s get started:

What is Todoist?

Todoist is an amazing app that lets you manage tasks with ease. The task manager lets you add multiple tasks, assign priorities, and use labels for added ease. From individuals to teams, everyone can use Todoist to ensure they don’t miss essential tasks. 

The Pros 

  • A free plan is there
  • It syncs well with other apps 
  • Doesn’t slow down your PC

The Cons 

  • Limited recurring tasks 

System Requirements to Use Todoist on Mac 

To use Todoist on Mac, your computer should have at least the specs listed below. Since Todoist is a small application, it works well even on older Macs. 

OS macOS 10.11 or higher.
RAM 4GB or high 
Processor Any 
GPU Not Required 

How to get Todoist for Mac: Step-by-step 

Since Todoist is available on the official Mac App Store, downloading it is pretty easy. Also, we’ve provided a link to the official website so that you can quickly purchase the subscription and get the app.

  • Click here to download Todoist from the official website. (Click here to get it from the Mac App Store)
download Todoist from the official website
  • Click in Download, and the .dmg file will be installed on your computer. Open the file from the downloads, and it’ll get installed within a few minutes.
  • You will see the Todoist app in the app menu. Mac users can also add the app to the dock to launch it quickly.
  • Open the app, and it’ll ask you to log in. Enter your Todoist credentials, and you can start using the tool.

How Much Does Todoist for Mac Cost?

In order to use Todoist on your Mac, you need to purchase a subscription plan. There are three plans available to choose from. Below we’ve covered a brief of all three plans you can opt for.

How Much Does Todoist for Mac Cost

Free: For Starters 

The plan that is available for free does not require a purchase, and you can quickly start using Todoist with the available features. Also, you don’t need to enter your credit card details or any other payment details to access this plan. It offers you the following features.

  • Five active projects 
  • 5 MB file uploads 
  • Three filters 
  • 1-week activity history 
  • Five collaborators per project

$4 per month: For Power Users 

This is the most popular and value-for-money plan for Mac users. If you take a monthly subscription, you’ll be billed $5, whereas an annual subscription of the same plan costs $4 per month. Here are some features you get in this paid plan.

  • 300 active projects
  • 100 MB file uploads
  • 150 filters
  • Unlimited activity history
  • 25 collaborators per project
  • Themes & auto backups

$6 per Month: For Businesses 

This plan is specifically designed for businesses and corporations. When billed monthly, it costs $8 per month, and the annual membership costs around $6 per month. Mac users with this plan can access the following features:

  • Everything in Pro
  • 500 active projects per member
  • Team inbox
  • Admin & member roles
  • Team billing
  • 50 people per project

Todoist for Mac: Some Interesting Features 

Todoist for Mac has a lot of features, and that makes it a preferred choice among Mac users. Below we have listed some features you get in the free as well as the paid plans.

Set Priorities 

Users can easily set priorities among different tasks and plan their schedules for more efficiency and better productivity. The tool lets users set reminders and add favorites to their list. 

Quick Sharing 

From basic grocery lists to business ventures, you can quickly divide and conquer the daily tasks when using shared projects in Todoist. Users can delegate tasks to other people on the go. Also, the tool offers a notifications feature, and the people you delegate the task to will get a quick notification.

Complete Personalization 

The paid and free plans have labels and filters essential to personalize the tasks. You can use several labels such as incomplete, doing, or done to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

The pro plan also has themes for better personalization of your board.

Quick Sync with Other Apps 

You can quickly sync Todoist with other Mac apps, including Calendar, Dropbox, IFTTT, and Zapier. All the tools work in synergy, and you can organize everything in one place using a shared database.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does Todoist have a desktop app?

 Yes, Todoist has a desktop app, and you can download it on your Mac. Visit the official website or go to the Mac App Store and get the app.

Q: Is Todoist a free app?

Yes, Todoist is free for Mac, but there are two paid plans as well. Individual users can opt for the free plan, whereas businesses and people with teams should go for the paid plans.

Q: Is paying for Todoist worth it?

Absolutely, you get plenty of features in the paid plans, such as multiple people can work on the same project. You can visit the official website to purchase a subscription.


Now you know everything to get Todoist for Mac. We hope this guide has helped you download the app and choose a plan according to your requirements. Also, there is a free trial available for some paid plans, and you can consider that.

Facing any problems when installing Todoist on your Mac? Drop your queries in the comments section, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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