Tether for Mac [For Pc/laptop – Free Download On Windows 7/8]

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Managing or controlling your TP-link router is no more a complicated task. With the help of Tether app, you can access your TP-Link Router/ Range Extender/  xDSL Router from your phone. This mobile app brings an easy way to manage the most common settings change on your router.

By installing tether for mac, you can easily make simple changes to the wireless network from your Mac. It also allows you to access your router’s control rules and manage many more things. From quick settings to key controls, you can do everything in one place. In this context, we will discuss more Tether in detail.

How To Download or Install tether for Mac

Tether is a tools category app only designed for smartphones. Any iOS and Android user can download this helpful tool from their respective app stores. But if you wish to use this app on Mac to get a big-screen experience, you have to use emulators.Tether for Windows

Emulator software like Nox Player, Remix OS Player, BlueStacks, MEmu will let you download tether for Mac. Emulators will emulate an Android OS screen on your macOS.Actually, it will convert the Tether apps formation and enable the use of the tether for mac. Here we will pick Nox Player to show you the downloading process of the tether.

Step 1: Downloading Nox Player from its official website.

Step 2: Then install it on your Mac and wait until the installation process gets completed.

Step 3: After the installation process, open Nox Player and search for the play store.

Step 4: Launch the play store with your email and password.

Step 5: Now, tap on the play store’s search bar, write Tether, and press the enter button.

Step 6: Select your desired app from the search result and install it.

Step 7: Once the installation is done, you are ready to use the tether on your Mac.

Windows users can also follow the same installation process to get tether for Windows.

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Why Choose Tether for Mac?

Tether app is getting popular among many apps used for managing routers remotely. Here we have listed some key factors about Tether apps.Tether for Mac

Remote Setup:

Tether will let you perform common router related works remotely. You can edit admin passwords, edit wireless settings, view WAN settings, security encryption level, etc. Tether will also let you set up SSID and VDSL/ADSL settings remotely.

Block unauthorized Users:

Tether will let you block all unauthorized users who are trying to access your router. Unauthorized make several issues with our network system, and by detecting them, you can solve router related issues.


With this single app, you can manage five routers at the same time. It supports several routers, including the latest routers. This super-app also supports the WDR4900, the WDR4300; the WDR3600; and the WDR3500.

File Sharing and Streaming:

This simple app will also let you file, share and stream several media content. Using a USB device that supports the TP-Link router’s USB port, you can stream movies, music, and photos.

Wi-Fi Sharing Option:

Through Tether, you can send your Wi-Fi password to your guests with a single tap. Its dashboard will show you real-time information about your Wi-Fi network. Also, you can monitor connected devices as well.

What Is Parental Control of Tether App?

Tether offers a unique feather called parental control. With this, you can easily control your child’s web access behavior. Along with controlling internet access, you can also specify a certain time for Children to access the internet.

You can also block several websites to prevent your children from accessing restricted sites. It is one of the most convenient ways to stop your child from accessing inappropriate content related websites.

How to Enable Parental Controls from Tether App?

The parental control option of Tether app is one of the key reasons behind the tether app’s popularity. That’s why most people want to know how to enable this super unique option. Nothing to worry about, here we will guide you to do this properly.

Step 1: Open the Tether app from your device and then navigate to the settings option.

Step 2: Select “Parental Control” and toggle on the “Parental Controls.”

Step 3: Then simply tap on “+” of the “Child List” option and select your child’s device.

Step 4: From here, you can set a schedule; you can select it by time and days.

Step 5: Now, you need to enter the websites you want to allow for your kids. You can add many websites under “Allowed websites.”

Step 6: This is how you can manage the parental option. However, you need to connect with your Wi-Fi network to perform all this.

Final Thought

Remotely managing routers is one of the most satisfying things for every broadband user. However, it’s important to select the perfect app to perform this complicated task. Above, we have mentioned the most effective app that will help you manage your TP-Link router and many more.

Along with managing your router from your phone, you can also control the router from your Mac too. We have already mentioned the proper way to download tether for mac. We hope you find this context helpful and also easily install it on your Mac. If you face any problem while installing, don’t forget to inform us through comments.

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