Sricam Software for Mac – Guide To Install On Mac In 2022

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Having a security camera in your home or office can give you peace of mind. What would it be, if you could monitor the camera remotely without sitting in one place? Advanced technology brings that to life through the Sricam App. It is one of the leading camera monitoring apps full of features that make it easy to monitor your security cameras.

This surveillance app enables you to move or zoom on your cameras without physically touching them. Besides, you can set your device to vibrate to get a notification when something happens in your camera area.

You can use Sricam Software for Mac as well to monitor your surveillance cameras from your MacBook. But how to download an android app on Mac operating system? To get a relevant answer, check out the text below.

Overview of the Sricam Software

The IP Camera manufacturer developed the Sricam Software app. In 2015, initially the app was released on Google Play Store.  After being released on the Play Store, it has been installed more than 1 million times which proves how popular it is. Along with this, it has gained an average rating of 3.0 depending on 10,601 user reviews. This app was recently updated on October 30, 2020, with version 00.06.0072.

Technical Specifications of the Sricam Software

Here we have created a table with the core information of the Sricam App  that will help you to know the ins & out of it.

Application NameSricamContent Rating3.0
DeveloperIP Camera manufacturer(深圳市施瑞安科技有限公司)CategoryTools
Last UpdateOctober 30, 2020File size18 MB
Current Version00.06.00.72Official Website

Prominent Features of the Sricam Software

There are lots of functions that come with the Sricam Software to control your security cameras. Here we have presented some key features of this surveillance app.

Prominent Features of the Sricam Software for mac
  • Sricam Software allows you to add or integrate your IP cameras by scanning the QR code. This will make the setup and connection of your security cameras easier.
  • You can monitor your cameras in real-time without any delay. That is very helpful to identify and resolve safety and security issues before impacting ongoing activity.
  • Through the friendly user interface of this surveillance app, you can view the captured video footage easily. Along with this, it gives the opportunity to store the video in cloud storage for watching later.
  • The PTZ feature of the Sricam allows you to control the camera without touching it. With this feature, you can move and zoom your cameras from remote places.
  • Sricam allows you to get notified instantly if something happens in your camera area through its motion detection feature. You can even set your device to vibrate or sound to get notifications.

How to Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac?

Sricam has designed and developed for Android, iOS, and macOS. So this surveillance app can be downloaded in two ways. The first is from the Google Play Store using the Android emulator.

There are various emulators you will discover on the internet but some of them give the best performance. Here we have pointed out the top five emulators that have got huge popularity. Let’s see what these are:

  • BlueStacks Emulator
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu Player
  • Remix OS Player
  • ARChon Player

In the below section, we will show the complete guidelines on the download procedure of the Sricam through the MEmu Player.

Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac[Using MEmu Player]

MEmu Player is one of the best emulators that helps to get the full experience of Android on your Mac. Let’s see the download procedures with the emulator.

Download and Install MEmu Player

Visit the official website of the MEmu Player and download the most recent version of this emulator and then install it like other software. This installation procedure will require some time to finish.

how to Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac Using MEmu Player

Log in on the Play Store

After that, launch the MEmu Player. Open the Play Store and register with your Google account to gain access to it.

sign in with gmail to Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac

Search for Sricam Software

Search for Sricam on the Play Store and then select the app after getting search results.

search for Sricam Software for Mac Using MEmu Player

Install Sricam Software

Now, click on the “Install” option from the bottom right side. This will take a few moments to be accomplished.

how to Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac

The Download and Install Procedure of Sricam Software From the Mac App Store

As we said, Sricam is already available on the Mac App Store. So the app can be downloaded from there. Follow the below steps to download the Sricam Software from the Mac App Store.

  • On your MacBook, open the App Store from the Apple Menu.
  • Log in with your Apple account to gain access to the App Store.
  • After gaining access to the App Store, search for Sricam Software on the Search bar.
  • Pick the Sricam from the showing results and click on the Get button.
  • When the installation ends, you will run this app from the Dock Tab.

Popular Alternatives to the Sricam Software

Here we have discussed two of the popular surveillance apps that can be used as alternatives to Sricam. Check these apps, you may find some additional features from them.


Wansview is one of the widely used surveillance apps that offer various features to monitor your security cameras. With this app, you can monitor your security cameras 24/7 real-time from anywhere and anytime. Along with this, recorded video footage can be stored in the cloud storage for watching later.

The two-way communication feature of the Wansview allows you to view and talk to others in your camera area. Besides, with its night vision, you will be able to record high-definition footage up to 20 feet clearly. However, downloading Wansview can be possible by using any of the listed Android emulators.

TinyCam Monitor:

You can also download TinyCam Monitor as it provides several functionalities to monitor your security camera. This surveillance app enables you to control your camera from remote places. The recorded video can be stored on your device or cloud storage to watch later.

Along with that, if you have a microphone and speaker, you can send and receive audio through your IP cameras. You can even move and zoom your cameras by using its PTZ control feature. Besides, its motion detection feature lets you get notifications when its motion detection measures any movement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sricam

In this section, we answered some of the questions that we were asked by the Sricam users. If you have any questions, check this section, you may find your answer here.

How Do I Add a Camera to My Sricam Software?

Follow the below steps to add any camera on the Sricam software:

  • Launch the Sricam Software and tap the Add new device option.
  • Click the QR code icon and scan the QR code of your camera.
  • Then the camera will automatically be added to the Sricam App.

Can I Install Sricam Software on My PC?

Sricam software download for PC is possible through the listed Android emulators. Follow the below steps to download Sricam for your PC:

  • Download and install any of the mentioned emulators on your PC.
  • After that, launch the emulator and open the Play Store app.
  • Enroll with your Google account and search for Sricam software.
  • Install the Sricam app and after installation, you will see the app on the emulator.

What to Do If Sricam Software Fails to Connect?

If the Sricam Software fails to connect, then check the internet connection or make sure both your app and camera connect with the same network. After checking, restart the device by switching the off and on.


The Sricam Software is enriched with some outstanding functionalities by which you can monitor multiple cameras simultaneously. Along with this, you can store recorded video footage in MP4 format with audio features. PTZ and motion detection features of the Sricam, make it easier to control your surveillance cameras.

Downloading the Sricam Software for Mac can be a good choice to monitor and control your security cameras from a MacBook. Once you download this app on your MacBook, you will be able to watch all your video footage on your Mac’s large screen.

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