Download RSA SecurID for Mac or PCs (Latest Version 2022)

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Rsa Securid for mac and pc

RSA SecurID, often known as SecurID, is a two-factor public-key encryption authentication system for protecting network resources. Its goal is to reduce risk while maintaining statements of your bank or personal business accounts. This technology can verify user identities and guarantee that they only have access to the resources they require to complete their tasks. However, now you’ll be up to download Rsa Securid for Mac to safely log in to your personal or company accounts with a strong PIN and token code from your MacBook.

Short Overview of RSA SecurID app

RSA SecurID makes it so simpler than ever to control and generate app tokens for its users. This app was developed by RSA Security in May 2011 and is listed in the Communication category.

Almost five million people have already installed the RSA SecurID app from the Google Play Store. More than thirteen thousand users review SecureID have and the overall rating is 3.9 out of 5. The current version of this app is 3.0.3, and this was last updated on August 19, 2021.

The age rating of this app is decided for 3+ that means this app is suitable for every age group of people. But there you may find some comical violence, but bad language is not permissible. This app is available in 8 different languages like English, Simplified Chinese, and many more.

Reviews and Ratings of RSA SecurID App

users review of Rsa Securid for mac
reviews of Rsa Securid for mac
review of Rsa Securid for mac

Here are some reviews and ratings of the RSA SecurID app from the Mac App Store users. Have a look-

How does RSA SecurID Work?

RSA SecurID indicates MFA (multi-factor authentication) which confirms multiple factors to verify a user’s identity. For MFA, there are three different types of authentication techniques that can be combined:

  • This refers to a piece of information that should only be known by a single user. PINs, passwords, and the answer to a security question are the most popular.
  • A user is provided a one-of-a-kind component. It might be an OTP, a hardware or software token, a trusted device, a smart card, or a badge.
  • This refers to a user’s distinctive feature that can be utilized to validate their identification made with modern technology. Biometrics, such as facial recognition, fingerprint readers, and retinal scans, are the most common.

Technical specifications of RSA SecurID

Here we’ve enlisted all the requirements that you should check before downloading this app-

App’s Name

RSA SecurID Software Token

File Size


Current Version


Last Updated

August 19, 2021

Required Android

6.0 and up

Content rating

Rated for 3+

Avg. Rating







8 different languages

Offered By

RSA Security

Official Website

Significant Features of RSA SecurID

Features of RSA SecurID

Each and every app has some unique features and functionality that make it distinct from other apps. RSA SecurID is not different, and that’s why we’ve shared some features under this segment.

Support for Any Cloud Journey:

Whether your company is moving quickly to the cloud or gradually implementing cloud access, you’ll need an MFA solution that can keep up with you. You can expand on-premises capabilities to the cloud as required using SecurID, at whatever pace your cloud strategy requires.

No Internet- No Problem:

Only SecurID provides the advantages of a “no-fail” feature, allowing users to authenticate from anywhere and on any device. Whether Windows or macOS, even if network access is disrupted or there is no internet service available where they’re working.

Achieve Security and Convenience Sacrifice:

With RSA SecurID, you can use real-time identity analytics to determine whether step-up is necessary. It allows you to authenticate users using widely used techniques that are both handy for users and safe for your company. The platform also has a unified authentication approach that allows you to manage access to all essential business resources for all users from any device, whether on your network or not.

Supports Mobile Platforms:

Though the RSA SecurID is designed to offer support to all Android phones, it can be deployed on IOS, Android, MAC OS X, and Windows devices. This app enables it so simple that you can quickly secure your access protection everywhere, such as in the mobile, web, and Saas Productions.

Intuitive User Interface:

The user interface of this app is simple enough to allow for self-service access requests. Users can easily submit access requests and track approvals using the UI. This simplifies the process of approving access requests and ensures that all users have immediate access to the business resources they require, when they need it, and in accordance with all applicable compliance rules.

Facilitates Business Growth:

RSA SecurID helps your company get more done by guaranteeing a smooth user experience and accelerating user access. It allows you to rapidly and securely install the SaaS apps that your users require in order to protect your company. Even better, the various deployment choices minimize IT workload and speed up onboarding.

How to Download and Install RSA SecurID for Mac?

RSA SecurID app download for macOS will be an easy task as this app is available in Google Store and Apple Store. Here, we’ll show you two different methods to acquire the RSA SecurID for Mac free download process. First, you have to choose an emulator like Bluestacks.

Download and Install RSA SecurID Using BlueStacks Emulator

Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator for Mac users who want to install any smartphone app. For RSA SecurID mac download and installation, follow these steps mentioned here:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Bluestacks & download the .dmg file.

How to Download and Install RSA SecurID for Mac using bluestacks

Step 2: To begin installing the Bluestacks software on your computer, double-click on the downloaded setup file and select Yes.

install bluestacks for RSA SecurID for Mac

Step 3: Open the Bluestacks emulator from your Mac once it is installed, and open the Google Play Store & sign in with a google account to have access.

sign in to Download and Install RSA SecurID for Mac

Step 4: Search for the RSA SecurID app in the Play Store; it will appear on the first page of results.

search for RSA SecurID for Mac

Step 6: Select the exact app from the search results and open it. Now tap on the Install button from the top right side. It will start downloading immediately.

How to Download and Install RSA SecurID for Mac

Download RSA SecurID from Mac App Store

You can also download RSA SecurID for Mac from the Apple Store as this app is available there. Here is the entire procedure.

  • Open the Apple Store from your device.
  • Provide your Apple ID and Password to log in.
  • Now type RSA SecurID app on the search box app.
  • Open the app and tap on the Get button.

Alternative apps to RSA SecurID for Mac

There are two most common alternative apps that are added for you. Take a look at these apps as they will serve you as the RSA SecurID app does.

1. ActivID Token:

This software generates a One Time Password for users who want to access a protected resource, such as a VPN or an online banking site. PIN protection is an option for the app. HID Global offers a wide range of hardware and software-based One Time Password tokens, including the ActivID Token. The HID ActivID Appliance, 4TRESS AAA Server for Remote Access 6.7.2 and above, and 4TRESS Authentication Server 7.0.3 and higher support the ActivID Token.

2. Duo Mobile:

To make logins more secure, Duo Mobile integrates with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service. For simple, one-tap authentication, the app creates passcodes and can receive push alerts. Duo Mobile can also be used to manage two-factor authentication for other passcode-based applications and online services. Be careful that Duo Mobile must be enabled and linked to your Duo account before it can be used. As part of the Duo registration process, you’ll receive an activation link. Third-party accounts can be added at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under this section, we’ve answered some typical questions asked by the users of the RSA SecurID app.

Which Are the Rsa Securid Access Authenticator Options?

Customers of RSA SecurID Access can choose from a variety of authenticators. Such as mobile multi-factor authentication with push notification, biometrics, FIDO, one-time password (OTP), software tokens, and hardware tokens.

Is Rsa Securid Secure?

Although RSA SecurID is fundamentally safe and trustworthy, the absence of adequate security against man-in-the-middle attacks creates a weakness that can lead to the connection being hacked.

How Do I Install My Rsa Securid Soft Token?

Your RSA SecureID will permit you to enjoy some extra security when you’re signing in or doing any payment task. Follow the steps to install your soft token-

  • Install the RSA SecurID app
  • Import your token
  • Create your PIN

Wrapping Up

When you have the RSA SecureID, you don’t need to carry an individual hardware token with you. A user’s passcode is required when accessing a protected resource such as a financial monitoring database or a bank’s back-end interface. The passcode is created using the PIN supplied by the SecurID system during setup. Whatever, in the entire write-up, we have conferred the download process of Rsa Securid for Mac. you can apply the method if you wish to have it on your MacBook.

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