Rocket League For Mac – How to Download

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If you are wondering how to download Rocket League for Mac, you are at the right place. The App Store does not have an app you can download directly; therefore, you need to install an emulator and then play the game.

This article has everything you need to know for playing Rocket League on Mac. Just follow the steps in the order they are explained and you can play your favorite game without any fuss.

Let’s get started:

How To Download Rocket League For Mac

System Requirements to Play Rocket League on Mac

You cannot play Rocket League on every Mac PC, and it is essential to know if your system supports it or not. Below is a table with the minimum system requirements for playing Rocket League on a Mac PC.

Mac OSMacOS X 10.8.5
Processor Intel Core i5 
Memory or RAM8 GB
Storage or ROM10 GB available disk space 
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 , NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M or OpenGL 4.1 – ATI Radeon HD 5670

How To Download & Play Rocket League For Mac

I have tried these steps to download Rocket League for Mac, so you don’t have to worry. Just follow them in the order I have explained them, and you can play Rocket League.

Step 1: Install the NVIDIA Launcher 

Since the game is not available to download from the App Store, you need to download a launcher first. I recommend the NVIDIA Cloud Launcher as it’s safe and easy to install on a Mac system with at least the minimum requirements mentioned above in the table.

Mac system

Click here to visit the official website and download the NVIDIA launcher. 

Step 2: Install the Launcher

Install the app by finding the downloaded file on your Mac. As you click on the file, it will be extracted on your PC, and the installation will take a few minutes. 

You’ll see some files getting copied to your system; that is why you need at least 7-8 GB of free space to play Rocket League and other games using the NVIDIA launcher.

Step 3: Launch the App and Install Rocket League 

Once installed, the app will be visible on the Launchpad. Open it, and search for Rocket League. You’ll see a green button when you hover the cursor over the available game.

Launch the App and Install Rocket League

Click on the Library button, and the launcher will ask you to log in. Use the credentials you used to make an account on NVIDIA’s website while downloading the launcher. 

The game will then download on your PC, and it may take some time, depending on the speed of the internet connection. 

Step 4: Open the Game 

After the game gets downloaded, you are all set to play it. Open the game again by searching for it in the NVIDIA Cloud Launcher and clicking on Play.

Rocket League

The game will again take a few minutes to set up. It will now ask you to enter the Epic Games credentials that you need to play Rocket League. I saved the details on my NVIDIA account and copied them and entered them into their respective fields.

Enter your credentials & click on log in. The game will again take some time, and you’ll be able to play it. Follow the on-screen instructions specified by the game, and you are all set.

Issues When Downloading Rocket League for Mac: Working Solutions Explained 

Some users reported issues when downloading Rocket League using NVIDIA Cloud Launcher, so I did extensive research on the issues. Below, you’ll find common problems when downloading Rocket League and quick solutions.

Network Test Error 

A common issue when downloading Rocket League or any other game on the NVIDIA launcher is a failed network test. This is a bug, and a lot of users have reported it.

Click on Try Again a few times, and you can easily get rid of this. If required, relaunch the app and play the game again. 

Network Test Error 

The Launcher Crashes 

This isn’t a very common issue, but you may encounter it on an older macOS. If the launcher fails to open or crashes intermittently, then you need to reinstall it. Here’s a video on how to uninstall an app on your Mac.

No Audio 

Sometimes you’ll be able to play the game, but there will be no audio. This could be due to multiple reasons, including issues with the Settings.

I do not recommend tweaking the settings. Try connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones with your system and see if you get the audio.

Features of Rocket League for Mac

You get a plethora of amazing features when playing Rocket League on Mac using the NVIDIA launcher. Not only do these features add convenience while playing, but they also help improve your gameplay.

Season Mode 

Players can use the Season Mode to experience amazing gameplay with access to every feature required to upgrade a rig.

Split-screen View 

The split-screen view can be used for up to four windows per player. Whether you are playing the game online or offline, you can split the screen.


Players can use the replay feature to see how they performed. You can also fast-forward the replay and focus on some particular sections if you want.


Why can I not play Rocket League on Mac?

In 2020, Psyonix discontinued Rocket League for Mac and Linux; therefore, you cannot download it from the App store. However, you can play Rocket League on Mac by installing the NVIDIA Launcher.

Does Epic Games work on Mac?

Yes, the Epic Game Store currently supports Mac, and you can download or play games with it. Go to the About section of the Epic Games website to know more about its Mac compatibility. 

How do I uninstall Rocket League from my laptop?

The easiest way to uninstall Rocket League from your Mac is by uninstalling the NVIDIA Launcher. You can reinstall the launcher and download the games you want. 


That’s everything you need to know about downloading Rocket League on Mac. The game is not available in the App Store, so install a safe launcher like NVIDIA Cloud Gaming and then download the game. 

Ensure your PC has the minimum requirements to handle the launcher and the game. Lastly, go through the Rocket League features highlighted in this article, and enjoy playing it on your Mac.

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