RATS For Mac – How to Download and Install

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RATS is one of the oldest and most popular econometrics and time series analysis software packages. Regression Analysis of Time Series (RATS) has been the top pick of central banks, universities, and other corporations worldwide due to its efficiency and ease of use. 

The makers have recently released the 10.0 version that includes even more advanced tools to make econometric research easier. The software is available for Macbooks; hence Mac users can easily use the app on their devices. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how to install RATS on your PC and its features and pricing. So let’s begin and see all the details. 

How To Install RATS For Mac

What Is RATS? 

Regression Analysis of Time Series (RATS), as mentioned already, is an econometrics and time series analysis software. Using it, you can implement econometric analysis tasks, including Linear & Non-linear Least Squares, SUR, Forecasting, ARIMA Models, and more. 

Here is a better look at some of the common RATS features- 

Statistical Methods 

Estimation Techniques 

  • Regression with autoregressive errors 
  • Non-linear least squares 
  • Multiple Regression including stepwise 
  • Two-stage least squares for linear, non-linear, and autocorrelated models 
  • Generalized methods of moments 
  • Constrained optimization 
  • Nonparametric regressions 
  • Neural network models 

Time Series Procedures 

  • Special analysis 
  • Transfer function/ intervention models 
  • ARIMA and ARIMAX models. It includes multiple other sessional models too 
  • Kalman filter 
  • Error correction models 


  • Regression models 
  • Time series models 
  • Simultaneous Equation Models (unlimited number of equations) 
  • Exponential smoothing 
  • Forecast performance statistics 

ARCH and GARCH Models 

  • Support for GARCH-in-mean models 
  • Normal, T, and GED distributions 
  • Univariate and Multivariate 
  • Robust standard errors 

Vector Autoregressions (VARs)

  • Error correction models
  • Forecasting 
  • Historical decomposition 
  • Impulse responses 
  • Variance decomposition 
  • Extensive hypothesis testing tools 

System Requirements For Installing RATS On Mac

Here are the minimum system requirements for using RATS on your Mac- 

OS OS X 10.9 or later 
RAM 4 GB or More 
Processor Intel i3 or later, Apple M1
Storage 10 GB or More 

How To Install RATS For Mac

Follow these steps to order and install RATS for Mac- 

  • On the next page, you have to click on the view cart/ check out option. It’ll look something like this.
  • You can choose your plan as per your requirement. If you are eligible for the student or Zone B country, there is a different link on the same page. You can click on it to check out.
  • Click on checkout on the next page and enter your payment details. Your have now successfully purchased RATS for Mac.

RATS Subscription Plans For MAC

Here are the subscription plans for RATS for Mac for new users 

Standard version 500 USD
Standard version (additional licenses) 350 USD 
Professional version (additional licenses)500 USD 
Professional version 650 USD 

Discounted pricing 

Discounted pricing is specifically available for students. But to qualify for the student’s discounted package, you have to show proof that you are currently enrolled as a student in some educational institute and buy the package for your personal use. To verify for students, you need to submit the following documents- 

  • A copy of your registration receipt to your institution 
  • A link to your department website proving you as a student 
  • A written letter from your university, department, or professor 
  • A copy of your tuition receipt 

RATS has a discounted price for Zone B countries which are considered economically inferior. Zone B countries include all the states except these- Australia, Belgium, Austria, Bermuda, Finland, Denmark, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Ireland, Korea, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Norway, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom. 

People from the above countries cannot purchase the discounted package. Here are the discounted price for students and zone B countries: 

Product Students Zone B faculty 
WinRATS Professional 450 USD274 USD
MacRATS 300 USD 175 USD
MacRATS Professional  450 USD 275 USD
CATs 125 USD100 USD 


What Are The Best Statistical Software For Mac?

Some of the best statistical software for Mac are- XLStat, Wizard, Minitab, JMP, Stata For Mac, etc.

What Does Regression In RATS Stand For?

Regression comes from the Latin word regressus, which means to go back to something. In the technical sense, the term implies going back to hard-to-understand data and making it more precise and meaningful.

What Is The Limitation Of the Regression Model?

The Regression Model cannot work properly if the input entered has errors. It won’t be effective for poor-quality data.


Hopefully, the guide was informative, and you could find all the relevant information about RATS for Mac. RATS is a highly useful tool for students and faculty members alike, and the discounted package has made it even more convenient for them to use it. 

Let us know if you have further queries regarding RATS in the comments; we’ll be happy to answer them.

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