Puffin For Mac 2022 – Free To Download On MacBook Pro/Air!

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Do you want to experience the smoothest and most secure surfing on your device? Then Puffin will be the ultimate solution for you due to its full-featured web browser that focuses on the fastest browsing and privacy.

Apart from surfing, Puffin uses a compression algorithm to transfer web data to your device that helps to save up to 90% of your bandwidth. It is also integrated with an ad-blocker that helps to browse without interruption of any ad.

Puffin For Mac

As Puffin Web Browser is currently available on several App Store, so it can be easy to download on your MacBook. Here in this article, we will show two different ways to download the Puffin for Mac. So stay with us.

General Overview of the Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser has been developed by CloudMosa Inc. which is an American-based mobile technology company founded by Shioupyn Shen. It was initially released in 2010 and on the Google Play Store in 2012.

Since then this browser creates a weave in the Web Browser niche. After inclusion on the Play Store, around 50 million people have downloaded it on their devices. Apart from downloading, more than 806,246 people have reviewed Puffin Web Browser with a 3.2-star rating.

The developer of this browser updates it regularly and the current version is which was updated on June 24, 2021. With this update, most of the reported issues have been fixed and several new features added.

Technical Details of the Puffin Web Browser App

Here we have outlined the core details of the Puffin Web Browser that will help you to get the real app. So check the section:

Application Name

Puffin Web Browser

Content Rating



CloudMosa Inc



Current Version

File Size

Varies with device

Last Update

June 24, 2021

Official Website


Some of the Top Features of the Puffin Web Browser Are

Features of the Puffin for mac

Puffin Web Browser contains numerous outstanding features that help you give the smoothest browsing. Here we have described some of the major features of this Web Browser.

  • Unlike the ordinary browser, Puffin provides the fastest surfing and downloading. As a result, you can easily download any large file on your device.
  • Puffin Web Browser shifts the workload from your device to the cloud server for getting a better browsing experience.
  • With this browser, all internet traffic will be transferred through end-to-end encryption. For that, no one will be able to track you, even if you are connected with public or unsecured WiFi.
  • It uses a compression algorithm to transmit your web data that helps to save up to 90 % of your internet data.
  • For providing smooth browsing, the Puffin includes an ad-blocker. Without any interruption, you will be able to browse the internet.
  • Puffin Web Browser supports Adobe Flash Player that helps to stream and view video, audio, and different multimedia files from the web.

How Does Puffin Web Browser Work?

How Puffin for mac Work

Puffin does not work like any other ordinary browser. For example, the normal web browsers interact with hosts directly, when you visit any website. On the other hand, Puffin Browser uses encrypted cloud servers for content processing that is most secure and fastest. Because Puffin Browser renders web pages in the cloud, it can speed up page loading and content rendering than other browser processing.

How to Download & Install Puffin Web Browser for Mac?

Besides using the Puffin Web Browser on your smartphone, you can also use it on your Macbook. The good thing is that you can download this app in two different ways. Because it is currently available on both Play Store & Mac App Store. With an Android emulator, you can easily download the Puffin from the Play Store.

Among the numerous emulators available on the internet, BlueStacks, Nox Player, MEmu Player, Remix OS Player, and ARChon Player are the most trusted. And Puffin download for macOS can be easily by utilizing any of these emulators.

How to Download & Install Puffin For Mac Through MEmu Player[Step By Step]

MEmu Player is known as one of the easy-to-use free Android emulators. Without any complexity, you can use your favorite apps and games. Below are the steps to download the Puffin through this emulator.

Download the MEmu Player:

First, visit the official website of the MEmu Player and download it. Make sure the version you have downloaded is the latest.

How to Download & Install Puffin For Mac using MEmu Player

Install the Emulator:

How to Install Puffin For Mac using MEmu Player

Find the downloaded .dmg file and install it on your MacBook. The process will require some time to finish.

Log in With the Play Store:

Launch the MEmu play and for getting access to the Play Store log in with your Google ID and password.

login or sign up to downlaod puffin for mac

Search for Puffin:

Now search for Puffin Web Browser on the Play Store. A search result will appear on the screen.

search for Puffin For Mac to Download & Install the browser

Install the Puffin:

Find the puffin from the search results and press the install option. The installation process will begin immediately.

How to Download & Install Puffin For Mac

Run the Browser:

You will be able to run the browser from the home of the MEmu Player, after successful installation.


If you want to use the Puffin Web Browser on your Windows PC, by following the same process that we discussed above, you can easily get this browser.

How to Download and Install the Puffin from the Mac App Store [Easy Way]

As the Puffin Web Browser is available on the Mac App Store, it can be downloaded from here. For your help, below we have explained a complete guideline to download the Puffin from the App Store.

  • Launch the App Store by using LaunchPad.
  • For getting access to the App Store, insert your Apple account.
  • Search for the Puffin Web Browser on the App Store.
  • Choose the right app and press the Get option.
  • After installation, the Puffin Browser will be visible on the Dock Tab.

Two Popular Alternatives to the Puffin Web Browser

If the features of the Puffin Web Browser do not satisfy you, then check this section. Here we have discussed two of the popular alternatives to the Puffin that contain several unique functions.

Aloha Browser:

Aloha is the fastest and secured web browser that has lots of features. With this browser, you will experience the smoothest internet surfing with a maximum level of privacy. Along with the fastest surfing, Aloha contains a VPN service that lets you surf the internet anonymously.

As VPN changes your device’s IP address by replacing a fake one, you will get access to the restricted websites that are blocked in your region. In addition, Adblocker lets you experience smooth browsing without appearing any ads and pop-up windows.  However, for downloading the Aloha Browser for mac, check our previous article.

UC Browser:

UC Browser is another widely used browser that contains numerous functions to make your browsing smooth. With this browser, you will get experience both fast and secure surfing. It uses data compression technology that helps to save your bandwidth. In addition, this browser also has an ad-blocking feature that blocks all types of ads and pop-up windows.

This excellent browser contains an easy-to-navigate user interface that can be utilized by anyone. Besides, it allows you to personalize several things including Bookmark, Themes, and add-ons. Whatever, by following the same process as Puffin Web Browser, you can download the UC Browser on your MacBook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the Puffin browser. If you have any queries, check this section. You may find your solution here.

Why Puffin Web Browser Can’t Connect to the Server?

Puffin Web Browser is a remote client app and the website contents displayed in this browser are excited on its servers. To ensure your connectivity, check the following IPs are not blocked by any other program.

  • 178.32.0/20
  • 33.128.0/20
  • 127.206.0/23
  • 127.208.0/23

How to Access Flash Game or Flash Video Content on Puffin Web Browser?

To access flash contents on the Puffin Web Browser, follow the below steps:

  • Launch the Puffin Web Browser, press the Menu option at the top right.
  • Select ‘the Request Desktop Site’, because most of the mobile sites do not show flash content.
  • Refresh or reopen the same page to view the flash contents in the desktop mode.

How Does Incognito Mode Work on Puffin Web Browsers?

When you browse under the incognito mode, Puffin Web Browser does not store any browsing history or any information you enter in forms. Besides this feature will automatically delete the cookies and site data when you leave the Incognito mode.


When it’s about a secured browser, Puffin Web Browser would be preferred first. Because with this browser you will get both fastest and secure browsing at one time. Besides, it has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to easily navigate all the functions.

However, through this article, we have tried to present the different ways to download the Puffin Browser on your MacBook. By following any of the mentioned processes you can easily download the Puffin for Mac. If you face any complications downloading this, write to us in the comment box.

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