Planet Zoo for Mac: How to Download

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Planet Zoo was released in 2009 by Frontier Development for Microsoft Windows. Since its release, the game has captured a permanent spot in the gaming arena. It’s a management and construction simulation game, and pro gamers have praised the realistic animal portrayal and the emphasis on wildlife conservation. 

As Mac users, you might be facing trouble playing Planet Zoo on your PC. Mac is not a gaming PC, and most recent video games releases don’t support macOS. Does that mean Mac users cannot play Planet Zoo? Is there any way of playing Planet Zoo on Mac? 

Yes, you can play the game on Mac via some tools. I’ll talk in detail about how to download and play Planet Zoo on Mac, so if you want to know the entire procedure, continue reading. 

How To Play Planet Zoo on Mac

Is Planet Zoo Available For Mac? 

Planet Zoo is a game made only for Windows users, and the makers have announced on their Twitter profile that they have no Mac versions coming anytime soon. 

The post makes it clear that Frontier developers aren’t planning to bring any new Mac version of the game, so the only way of playing Planet Zoo is through some tools that can install windows on your Macbook. 

We will talk about the tools in the following section but first, let’s look at the minimum system requirements for playing Planet Zoo. 

OS 64-Bit version of Windows 10 
Memory 8 GB RAM (recommended 16 GB RAM)  
Processor Intel i3 2130 / AMD FX4300 
Operating system 64GB processor and operating system 
Graphics Nvidia GT 640 / HD7750 
Storage 100 GB 
DirectX Version 12 
Sound card DirectX compatible sound card  
Network Broadband internet connection 

How To Play Planet Zoo On Mac? 

Since Planet Zoo is only made for Windows users, you have to install Windows on your Mac to be able to play the game. We know installing windows might make you question the whole purpose of investing in such an expensive PC, but there are no other options if you want to play Planet Zoo on your Macbook. 

You can install Windows on your Mac by two means: Boot Camp and Parallels. We’ll discuss both methods in detail and show you the steps for downloading the tool so that it gets easier for you. Here are the steps you need to follow- 

Downloading Windows 10

You have to download Windows 10 first before installing it using Boot Camp. Follow the steps mentioned below for downloading, and then we will look into the installation procedure- 

  • Visit the Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page by clicking here
  • Next, click on the dropdown menu and click on the select edition. 
  • From the Windows 10 Anniversary Update section, click on Windows 10
  • Now click on confirm, and from the dropdown menu, select product language.
  • Once you click on your preferred language, you have to click on confirm again. 
  • Next, tap on 64-bit download and click on save. The file will now start downloading.

You have downloaded Windows 10 on your Mac. The next step is to install it through Boot Camp. 

Macbooks that support Windows 10 are- 

  • MacBook Air: 2012 & later
  • MacBook Pro: 2012 & later
  • MacBook: 2015 & later 
  • Mac Mini: 2012 & later 
  • iMac Pro: 2017
  • iMac: 2012 & later
  • Mac Pro: late 2013 
  • Mac Mini Server: Late 2012 

Installing Windows Through Boot Camp 

  • Go to Applications and open the Utilities folder and launch Boot Camp Assistant. 
  • Tap on continue, and the Boot Camp will locate the ISO file on your Macbook automatically.
  • Drag the macOS slider in the partition section and click on install.
  • Enter the password and tap on ok as soon as you do that, the Mac will restart, and you’ll see the Windows 10 screen.
  • Select language & click on install now. 

Once the installation is complete, you can download Planet Zoo as you would do on any Windows laptop. 

Through Parallels 

  • Download Parallels on your Mac by clicking here
  • Now you have to create a virtual machine to install Windows via Parallels. 
  • Open Parallels and select file, and click on new.
  • You will find a few options, as shown in the image below. You have to click on install windows or another OS from a DVD or image file and click on continue.
  • Parallels will automatically detect the Windows installation file, but you have to click on the locate manually tab if it does not. 
  • You’ll get three options where the Windows file is located- DVD, Image File, and USB Drive. You have to select one of the options based on where your Windows file is located. 
  • Now you have to enter the Windows product key, which is a 25-character alphanumeric code. You can find it in the confirmation email if you bought it online or in the retail package. 
  • Enter the code in the designated space, as shown in the image below. Then tick the box that says express installation.
  • You’ll get options to select how you want to use Windows on Mac. Choose the options that’ll be most suitable for you.
  • You need to name your virtual machine and select an address where you want it to be saved. By default, parallels save the virtual machine in Mac’s document folder.
  • Now click on continue, and the Windows installation will begin immediately. Click on the power button from Parallel’s list of virtual machines to launch Windows, and now you can download Planet Zoo on your Macbook.

How To Download Planet Zoo on Mac? 

Now that you have seen the steps of downloading Windows on Mac, it’s time to see the steps of downloading the game. To download Planet Zoo, follow the steps mentioned below- 

  • Go to the Planet Zoo website by clicking here.
  • Scroll down and find two options: Conservation Park & Ultimate Edition. 
  • Click on the Buy Now option on your preferred playing mode. 
  • On the new page, click on In cart.
  • Click on Purchase for myself. 
  • On the new page, you have to sign in using your Steam account credentials (make sure to register on Steam before downloading the game). 
  • Once you sign in, you can make the payment and purchase Planet Zoo.


Is Boot Camp Free On Mac?

Yes, Boot Camp is free, and post-2016, it’s pre-installed on every Mac.

What Is The Best PC To Play Planet Zoo?

As per the makers, Frontier Development, a PC with Intel i5-2500 / AMD FX-6350 should be best to play the game.

Can Planet Zoo Run On 4GB RAM?

4GB RAM is the minimum requirement, but 16GB is the standard recommendation.


As you have seen, Planet Zoo isn’t available for macOS, so the only way to play the game is through Boot Camp or installing parallels. We have described in detail the whole process of downloading and playing the game; hopefully, it was useful. 

If you are still facing some issues and need help regarding any technical glitch, let us know in the comments. We’ll come up with a new post at the earliest. 

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