MyDlink Lite for mac – How To Download For Mac – Step By Step Guide

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MyDlink Lite comes with a lot of features to give you easy and fast access to the Dlink security cameras and routers anywhere you want with your smartphone. No matter you are in the office or in a vacation, you can easily monitor and control your cameras and routers. 

This app is for your smartphone only. However, you can download MyDlink Lite for mac as well along with smartphone. When you have the MyDlink Lite mac download, you can easily monitor and manae the cloud security cameras and router with ease. 

Features of MyDlink Lite for mac

Now the question comes what features you can get when you download the MyDlink Lite app for mac. Well, there are a lot of features including:

MyDlink Lite for mac

View live video

MyDlink Lite for mac allows the user to view the live video that your security cameras are taking to ensure the maximum security.

Listen to audio

Along with the video, you can listen to the audio as well. This feature will let you ensure even better security by listening to what is happing around the cameras.

Control the router

With this app, you can easily control the router with your smartphone and pc. This allows you to check current status of the router and configure anything you want.

2 way audio support

Even this app lets you communicate two ways. That means you can communicate with the person near to the security cameras to have a better control.

Snapshots for further use

For further use and investigation, this app enables you to take snapshots for any important moments. 

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How to Download and Install MyDlink Lite for Mac

So how can you download MyDlink Lite for macOS? Well, it is easy to have MyDlink Lite for mac download. Since it is a smartphone app, you need to have an android emulator to use it. You can simply use an android emulator. We will show the process of MyDlink Lite for mac free download with the ARChon emulator and MEmu Android Emulator.

MyDlink Lite for windows

How to install MyDlink Lite for mac Using ARChon Android Emulator

To download MyDlink Lite for macbook pro, you need to download the extension zip file for your browser. For that, you need to visit From the link, download your preferable version of ARChon file.

  • After downloading the zip file, you need to unzip it. You can use any of the unzip software such as Win-zip, 7-zip, or any other built in unzip software. Make sure you keep all the extracted files in one folder. 
  • Now, open your Google chrome browser. As we already mention that you must need a chrome browser to run this emulator. On the right top of the browser, you will see three dots. Click there and navigate to more tools and then extension. 
  • You will find a new window. On the right top, you will find an option named developer mode. Check that option there. 
  • After checking the option, you will see a window like this where you will find an option named ‘load unpacked extension’. 
  • Click there and navigate to the folder where you have saved the ARChon unzip file. Click ok to upload the file. You are done.
  • Now you need to download MyDlink Lite apk file that is supported in chrome emulator. 
  • Now unzip and extract the file as you did when installing the emulator. Open your chrome browser and go to your extension option. Now click load unpack extension from the developer mode. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your apk file.

How to install MyDlink Lite for mac Using MEmo Android Emulator

MEmo is surely the most popular android emulator in the market right now. Let’s see the process of having MyDlink Lite download for mac using the MEmo emulator.

MyDlink Lite on your pc

Step 01: First of all, search on Google by Memo emulator and you will find the website at first. Go there to download it.

Step 02: You will find the download button on the home page. Simply click the download option and it will start downloading automatically. Now find the downloaded software on your pc and double click on it.  It may ask your permission to install the emulator. Click yes to give permission. It will be installed soon.

Step 03: Open the emulator from your pc and you will see the play store app on the screen.

Step 4: Click the Google play app to open it. Here, you need to provide your Gmail ID access to get access play store.

Step 5: Now search for ‘MyDlink Lite’ on the search box. You will see MyDlink Lite at first. Click the install button to install it. It will take a while to be installed. Wait and it will be installed.

Step 6: The app will show on the home screen of the emulator. Click and open the app and connect to your cameras and routers.

Frequently asked Question

If you still have any questions, you can check our question sections frequently asked by the users.

What is mydlink Lite?

This is the light version of MyDlink app designed to give you access to D-Link Cloud Cameras, Cloud Routers, and Network Video Recorders from your smartphone. 

Can I view my Dlink camera on my computer?

The app is for your smartphone only. However, you can view Dlink camera on your computer with the help of android emulator. 

Is Mydlink free?

Yes, the good news is that this app is free for you. It will let you view and control your cameras and routers with your smartphone without spending any money.

Final Thought

With this amazing app, you can easily get access to your Cloud Cameras, Cloud Routers and NVR system and watch live streaming, listen everything, and control the system as well. This app comes into the market to make your security stronger than ever.

You can now download the MyDlink Lite for mac with ease by following the methods we have shown above. Downloading and installing the app on your mac is easy, you see. So without any further delay, download the app right now. 

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