Free MEmu Android Emulator For Mac (2022 Version) On Your Mac

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MEmu is an Android emulator that allows you to run Android apps on your computer. It offers a genuine Android OS user experience, allowing you to install, run, and uninstall any Android application exactly like you would on a real Android device.

You can use your keyboard and mouse to operate your applications and games, as well as external controllers in some cases. MEmu gives amazing graphics to its consumers in addition to great speed. Smart controls, controller support, video record, and more features are included.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate an appropriate way to download and install the Memu Android Emulator for Mac. Aside from this, here you’ll get a convenient review of this emulator too.

MEmu Emulators General Details & Specifications

MEmu emulators have some general specifications that you should check before downloading and installing MEmu emulators.

Name MEmu Emulator
Installer offline/online
File size 5.9 MB
Version 7.0.3
Requirements Windows 7,8,10  &macOS
Languages English & Spanish
Developers Microvirt Co

What are the MEmu Emulators System Requirements for Mac?

MEmu emulators have some minimum system requirements that will help the devices to run with this software smoothly. They are-

  • Processor with 2 cores x86/x86 64 processors (Intel or AMD CPU)
  • Win XP SP3 / Win7/Win8/Win10 (Not recommended for Server/Enterprise)
  • The most recent version of the Windows DirectX 11 / Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0 support.
  • In the BIOS, activate Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V).
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB for x64 system) and 5 GB of free hard disk space

There are some recommended requirements of the MEmu player which is for the best gaming performance-

  • Windows 10 with VT enabled
  • CPU: Single thread pass mark score > 1500 (Intel/AMD Multi-Core)
  • Graphics: Intel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller with pass mark score> 750
  • 8 GB or higher RAM required and 10 GB of hard disk free space

Significant Features of MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu emulator offers some surprising features which will help you to run Android Apps and games on your device. Have a look-features of MEmu Android Emulator for Mac

Smart Controls:

MEmu player has a smart key mapping feature which is also called the smart F button.  This system intelligently recognizes various scenes like on board, get off, open the door as well as squat equipment. Intelligently places the F button in the appropriate location.

Multiple -Instances:

After installing the MEmu emulator, you’ll see two shortcuts on your device. The first one is MEmu, and the other is Multi-MEmu. Double-click the shortcut to start Multi-MEmu if you want to play numerous Android games at the same time. When you’re using Multi-MEmu, try to use low performance preset (1 RAM, 1024 MB).

Share Files Between Windows and Android:

You can copy files from Android to Windows or other devices while using MEmu emulators. While sharing the folders with Windows, change the Windows path from the setting option as your choice. To move a file from Android to a shared folder, you can use the File Manager option.

Customize Macro key Mappings:

Macros are action sequences which can be started by a specific key, for example, keystrokes, mouse clicks, delays, and loops. It’s a valuable addition to the existing key-mapping control. You can create your own unique KEY by defining any action sequence you wish.

Controller Support:

There are two controllers support on the MEmu; they are key mapping and joystick setup. Both of them are important when you want to play a game. After setting up both the controller managing the characters will be easy.

Game Automation:

You can automate your mouse and keyboard operations when playing any games. It’ll help you to create shortcuts for your mouse and keyboard. Here you can also find the Operation Recorder on the sidebar. You can start the record operation by clicking the Record option.

Is There a Version of MEmu for MacOS?

Now they do not provide a Mac or Linux version of MEmu Play, but they may do so in the future. Using Parallels Desktop to run MEmu on macOS is a workaround. All you have to do now is turning on the software’s nested virtualization functionality.

How to Download and Install MEmu Emulator For Mac?

As we said earlier MEmu emulator doesn’t have the Mac version, and that’s why you have to enable the Nested visualization. Here are the process-

Enable the Nested Virtualization:

Parallels Desktop supports nested virtualization, which allows you to operate virtual machines inside other virtual machines. KB 123975 contains a list of supported virtualization platforms such as Hyper-V. Parallels Desktop’s nested virtualization is only accessible in the Mac Pro and Business Editions.

It’s also worth mentioning that allowing layered virtualization has a significant impact on a virtual machine’s performance. Follow these procedures to enable nested virtualization:

  1. Ensure the virtual machine is turned off. If it is in a suspended condition, run it and then close it down from Actions > Shut Down.
  2. Open the virtual machine settings > Hardware > CPU & Memory, tap Advanced, and choose Parallels as the hypervisor. After that, choose Enable nested virtualization from the drop-down menu.Enable the Nested Virtualization settings on memu player

After setting the nested virtualization, you’re few steps away to play Android games on your device.

Download the latest MEmu Installer

Tapping on the MEmu Installer, you can download the offline to download memu emulator

Install MEmu

  1. Now open the file from the download folder of your device, or you can open this from the pop-up notification. Then click the following button to start the MEmu emulator installation to download and install memu emulator
  2. The MEmu Android emulator will begin to install, and it will take a few minutes to be completed.installation process of memu emulator
  3. After that, tap on the Launch option when the installation is finished.launch memu emulator
  4. Configuring MEmu Emulator Settings,

you can customize many things to make the MEmu emulator work the way you want it to. Select the MEmu tab from the drop-down menu> Settings.Configuring MEmu Emulator Settings,

  1. From the MEmu System Settings > engine performance.Configuring MEmu Emulator engine performance Settings,

How to Use MEmu Player for Mac?

If you’re wondering how to use the MEmu Emulator after the installation is completed, this section is for you.

  • Open the emulator to explore your favorite games and apps on the MacBook. Then click the Play store to open from the home page of the MEmu on how to download memu player on mac
  • After navigating to the Google Store and sign in with your Gmail account and passcode.sign in with a gmail to download memu player for pc and mac
  • When you finished the login procedure, on the search box, search for your desired games or Apps (such as PUBG Mobile) and found to download and install pubg using memu playe
  • From the search result, open the exact app and tap on the Install button. (For your information, you don’t need to download any apps or games from the Play store; instead, you can install them directly.)how to download and install pubg using memu player

Now you can enjoy your games and apps on the full-screen version, which is faster than the Smartphone.

What is the best Alternative to MEmu Emulator?

If you want to use alternatives to MEmu emulators but could not figure out which will be the best options, then take a look at this segment-

1. Bluestacks Emulator:

BlueStacks is the fasted growing Android Gaming Platform that lets you run Android apps on PC or Apple’s macOS.  This emulator is free to download, and after the recent update, developers claim it’s 6 times faster than before.

When you install this program on your Mac, you’ll be able to experience full-screen gaming and other applications at lightning speeds. The game control feature allows the users to play with preset controls or customize them. With the keyboard and mouse, you can improve your aim and reaction while playing your favorite game.

2. Nox Player emulator:

Nox Player is one of the perfect Android emulators to play games on Windows. It has been extensively optimized, making it more reliable and fluid in both games and apps. You will get the same gaming experience on NoxPlayer as you would on a PC or console. This emulator supports the gamepad, script recording as well as multiple instances. It gives a smoother experience to play games while working or chatting at the same time.

Is MEmu Emulator is Free & Safe for Mac?

Is MEmu Emulator Free and Safe to use for Mac pcs

For Windows 10 and macOS, MEmu Emulator is free to download. It allows users to access several MEmu App players at the same time. This can be used for both business and personal purposes. For PC, Laptop, and Mac, this program is safe and secure. MEmu Emulator’s commercial services are not free, but they are affordable. Users can simply subscribe to MEmu Emulator’s premium software.

Final thought

MEmu emulator will give you a smoother and better experience than any other Android emulator on the internet. It’ll offer you so many unique and responsive features that you hardly find in other emulators. When you download MEmu Android Emulator for Mac, you can enjoy a better Android experience without any doubt. Without wasting your time, download this app and gaming on your MacBook right now.

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