Magnet App for Mac

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When it comes to organizing your PC’s screen and multitasking efficiently, there is no better choice than Magnet. The tool lets you use multiple windows on the screen, and you can work on several tasks simultaneously. 

Also, Magnet lets you rearrange the desktop the way you like, just by dragging and dropping. This guide is all about Magnet App for Mac. From how to download it to tips to use it like a pro, you’ll find everything you need. 

We’ve even highlighted minimum requirements, and you can know if your Mac supports the Magnet app or not.

How to Download and Use Magnet App for Mac

What is Magnet App? Do You Really Need it?

The Magnet App is a desktop organizing tool that lets you arrange multiple windows on the screen just by dragging and dropping. You can use up to four windows simultaneously and work on four different tasks in one go. 

This app can eliminate the hassles of switching between apps, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. The Magnet App also lets you use shortcuts via keyboard to create or delete windows as you want.

Some features of the Magnet App for Mac 

  • Fullscreen & Quarters supported
  • Up to six external displays supported
  • Operated via menu bar icon
  • Right/left/center thirds supported
  • Vertical screens supported
  • Left/right/top/bottom halves supported

Having the Magnet App on your system is a plus since you can manage everything efficiently. The tool is perfect for professionals as well as individuals that spend the most time working and want to operate several tools together. 

Minimum System Requirements to Download Magnet App for Mac 

Your Mac computer should meet the minimum requirements in order to run the Magnet app smoothly. This desktop organizing app is light and can work easily on any latest Mac, be it an Intel or an M1. Check out the table attached below to know more:

Processor Intel 64-bit processor or M1 Chip 
Compatible OSOS X 10.7 or later.
Storage 8 GB (free space)

How to Download Magnet App on Mac 

Downloading the Magnet App for Mac is easy since it is available in the Mac App Store. Moreover, you can download the app from the official website. Make sure to download the latest version if you are downloading it from a third-party website.

  • Download the Magnet app from the official website or Mac App Store
  • The tool will install automatically if downloaded through the Mac App Store. Or install the .dmg file if you have downloaded it from the official website. 
  • You’ll see the Magnet App icon in the menu bar of your Mac. 
Mac App store
  • Launch the app, follow the on-screen instructions, and you are good to go.

How to Use Magnet App on Mac 

Once you’ve downloaded the Magnet App for Mac, you are all set to use it. Below are some steps to use this desktop organizing tool like a pro. 

  • Search for Magnet App on your Mac, and launch it. 
Magnet App Icon
  • Click on the Magnet App Icon in the top bar of your Mac.
Magnet App Icon
  • As you click on it and open any app, the window will split in half. Clicking the app icon again will split the window into three parts. 
  • You can drag and drop any tool in the windows you open using the Magnet app. Your desktop will look something like this:
Magnet App Icon
  • By right-clicking on the Magnet App icon, you can select the orientation of a window, and in what particular window you want to use a tool.

Pros and Cons of Magnet App 

It’s essential for you to know the pros and cons of the Magnet app before you install and use it on your Mac. We’ve used this tool for quite some time now, and here’s what we think about it:


  • Easy to set up and use
  • You can quickly create and delete windows
  • It runs smoothly and is free from ads 


  • No free version or free trial is available 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Magnet a good app for Mac?

Yes, Magnet is a good app for Mac, and Apple has declared it an invaluable utility. If you prefer working on multiple tools simultaneously, you should have the Magnet app installed on your Mac PC.

Can you download the Magnet app for Mac for free?

No, there is no such legit way to download the Magnet App on a Mac. You can use emulators and other such tools to get it for free, but we do not recommend that. If you want app updates and want to use every feature Magnet App offers, you should choose the paid version.

How do I remove the Magnet app from my Mac?

To remove the Magnet app from your Mac, you need to:
Search for the Magnet App in the Finder, and hover the cursor over it.
Drag the app to the Trash, or select the app and choose Move to Trash. 
You’ll be asked for a username and password and enter the credentials of the administrator account on your computer. 
Now empty the Trash to delete the Magnet app permanently

Does the Magnet app slow down your PC?

Not at all! The Magnet App is a light tool and does not slow down your PC. However, if you are using an older macOS version and operate multiple Magnet windows simultaneously, you may experience a few lags.

How much does the Magnet App cost?

The cost of the Magnet App is $7.99 as of now. However, the price is subject to change. You only have to pay once to purchase the tool, and then you can use it for free for a lifetime.


Now you are all set to use the Magnet App. We hope this guide has provided you with everything you wanted to know about Magnet App for Mac and how to use it properly. Make sure to watch a quick video on this tool to know more about its features. 

Got any questions in mind? Drop your questions in the comments section, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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