Little Snitch For Mac: Download and Installation Guide [2022]

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Little Snitch is a host-based firewall for macOS used to monitor, permit and restrict applications, and prevent them from connecting to attached networks. Little Snitch is software created and maintained by the Objective Development Software GmbH, an Austrian Firm. 

I’ll give you more insight into Little Snitch, its latest version, its uses on Mac, and how to download it, along with the installation guide and other related information here in this article. Therefore to get complete details, continue reading till the end. 

Little Snitch For Mac: Download and Installation Guide

Little Snitch: A Brief Overview

As mentioned in the introductory part, Little Snitch is a host-based fore-wall for Mac, and this gives you complete control over your outgoing primary and private data. How does Little Snitch work? 

The application on our PC can send information wherever they want to when we connect them to the internet. But Little Snitch takes notes of the background activity and lets the user know of it. Little Snitch will present a pop-up asking the user if the data should be shared or not. 

Little Snitch also controls your network and you can deny or allow connections. The software saves your responses in the firewall to use them for future connections for the same applications and the same destinations. 

For instance, if you deny permission to a specific connection from a certain channel, Little Snitch will record it and won’t permit any similar connection in the future. Little Snitch is very common among malware developers and security researchers as it helps them protect their data. 

Little Snitch gets regular updates, and with every update comes some changes. Plus, the minimum system also changes the minimum system requirements. In the table below, I’ve mentioned the latest Little Snitch update and other related information you should be aware of about this software- 

Latest version5.4.1
License Shareware 
Size 38.1 mb 
Set up app file name Little_Snitch_4.0.3.dmg
Set up typeOffline installer/ complete standalone setup DMG package 
MD5 Checksum24cd5f5b009778a03e77291647837aab
Compatibility architecture Apple-Intel architecture  
Latest version released on24th Jan 2019
Developers Website
Minimum system requirements Operating systems 
MacOS 11.0.0 or later 
Apple Silicon 
Intel 64 
1GB RAM required 
Hard Disk Space 
50mb or more 

How to Download Little Snitch for Mac

Follow the steps mentioned below to download Little Snitch for Mac- 

  • Click here, and you’ll be redirected to another page that looks something like this.
  • Click on the download tab again to install the software on your Mac.

Features Of Little Snitch For Mac 

Here are some of the excellent Little Snitch features you can enjoy once you install the software on your MacBook- 

  • Monitors network traffic and blocks connections that can intrude on your privacy. 
  • It can seize unwanted connection attempts. 
  • You can analyze traffic totals, bandwidth, and complete traffic history of the past one hour.
  • Provides easy-to-read informative & animated diagrams so that users can get real-time traffic information. 
  • Lets you view traffic peaks. 
  • Comes with a silent mode that lets you turn off any network-related notifications so that you can work uninterrupted. 

5 Little Snitch Alternatives You Can Download

Some Mac users complain that Little Snitch isn’t working in their system. Moreover, Little Snitch is a bit expensive, and not everyone wants to spend a considerable sum on software. In such cases, you can opt for these five fantastic and cheap Little Snitch alternatives that work as fine as Little Snitch- 


Lulu is one of the best Little Snitch alternatives that provide similar features and is available for free. This open-friendly app has a user-friendly design, customizable interface, and no limitations on inbound or outbound connections. 

The app comes with a default blocking feature, so it’ll automatically block apps from connecting to the internet as soon as you install the app. You have to grant permission to the apps separately to establish a connection, and only then you can use them. 

Radio Silence 

Radio Silence has almost the same features as Little Snitch, but you get this app at a much cheaper rate. Like Little Snitch, Radio Silence also creates a firewall that protects outbound connections from accessing data. 

Radio Silence has an option to create a custom profile that can block groups of apps from accessing the internet once you activate it. 


Another cheaper and similar alternative to Little Snitch is Vallum. It’s user-friendly and lets you block apps from accessing the internet and intercept outbound connections. With Vallum, you get the option to block outbound connections based on a predefined schedule, geo-location, and more. 

Hands Off 

Hands Off is yet another excellent alternative for Little Snitch. Users love it due to its easy-to-use features and advanced features. By using Hands Off, you can protect your Mac’s privacy. It lets you block outbound apps and services once you enable the sniffing mode. 


The last best alternative to Little Snitch is Murus, a free network analyzer. Using this, you can monitor network connections in real-time. The only drawback of Murus is that the free version only lets you filter the inbound connections. 

To monitor outbound connections, you have to upgrade to the paid version, but the paid version is also relatively cheaper than Little Snitch, so in any case, you are at a profit. 


Is Little Snitch safe and trustworthy?

Yes, Little Snitch is safe and trustworthy. It was recommended by even top researchers and malware developers who wanted to protect their data from outbound connections.

What Is A Little Snitch Family License?

The Little Snitch family license is a subscription valid for up to five computers that people living in the same household can use.

Is Little Snitch For Mac Available For Free?

No, Little Snitch isn’t available for free as it’s a paid software; however, you will get a 30 days free trial when you first install the application.

Does Little Snitch Work On iPhone?

No Little Snitch does not work on iPhones. Apple’s regulation guidelines don’t allow Little Snitch to work on iPhones and iPad, WatchOs, and TvOS.


Little Snitch is a great software to block unwanted network connections and protect your data. Apart from this, there are tons of other benefits Little Snitch offers, which I have mentioned in this article.

Downloading Little Snitch for Mac is easy and takes only a few seconds. Ensure you have the minimum system requirements to let the software work efficiently on your PC.

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