Keye app for Mac 2022 – Guide To Download & Install!

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Keye app for mac

Keye is one of the top-quality and top-rated free surveillance apps used to manage, view, and control P2P cameras. This app is specially made for IP cameras where you view live footage remotely and do plenty more things. Here you will also find surveillance features like customizing the live view as per your need, recording the live video, taking snapshots. You will also find the PTZ controlling system and two-way audio streaming system on the Keye app. Since it offers some amazing features, many users want to use the same app on Mac. Unfortunately, no official Mac version of Keye has been arrived yet, but you can easily get the Keye App for Mac by following this context.

About the Keye App

About the Keye App

Keye is a free tools category app developed by zhengkangjie in May 2016. It is a monitoring app with which you can view real-time video, take snapshots. The Keye app will also let you save the video to watch it later, and it is packed with PTZ controlling features.

Unfortunately, this surveillance app is not available in the play store, but you can get this app from several trusted sources. The current version of the Keye app is 4.2.4, which was updated on September 19, 2020. Furthermore, keye is a lightweight app, and it perfectly works with Wi-Fi and all types of mobile data.

Specifications of Keye App

Specifications of Keye App

Since Keye is not available in the play store, you have to get this app from different sources. You may find many apps with a similar name and that’s why we included the basic specifications of keye app. This will help you find out the real app, easily.

Application Name


Content Rating




Offered By


Last Update

 September 19, 2020

File size

 8.3 MB

Current Version




 Features Of Keye App

Features Of Keye App for Mac

Keye offers some exclusive features which make it different from other surveillance apps. If you are wondering what features the keye app offers, follow the below section, here we have outlined the features of Keye app.

Live Monitoring:

Through the Keye app, you can easily connect to your security cameras without any complex IP configuration. Just connect your phone with a camera through the internet and start viewing IP cameras remotely.

PTZ Control:

Unlike many other surveillance apps, the Keye app is packed with a PTZ controlling system. It will let you communicate through a two-way talk and also allow you to listen to the audio of live video.

Record Video:

Along with watching live videos remotely, the Keye app allows you to record videos. This app will let you record the ongoing live videos in different ways, including an SD card and cloud storage system.

Video Playback:

Keye App has an innovative playback system, which means you can view or play the recorded video anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you can review any footage which might help you in the investigation.

Take Snapshots:

Another most useful feature of the Keye app is it will let you take a snapshot from live video. Keye will let you take and save snapshots which can be extremely helpful and useful as a reference later.

How To Download and Install Keye App for Mac [With NoxPlayer]

Since Keye is not available in the Play store, many people may think it is tough to get the app for mac through an emulator. Actually, it is not, and you can easily get the Keye app for mac through this emulator. Simply follow the below-provided guidance to complete the Keye app for mac free download done.

Step 1:  First, you need to visit the official website of the NoxPlayer emulator to download the recent or up-to-date version.

How To Download and Install Keye App for Mac With NoxPlayer

Step 2: Once the downloading process is done,  now install it by running the downloaded setup file. The installation procedure may take a little time.

How To Install Keye App for Mac With NoxPlayer

Step 3: Now, download the APK file of Keye from any authentic website. However, be careful about fake or corrupted websites.

How To Download and Install Keye App for Mac

Step 4: After downloading the APK file of Keye, open the file with the downloaded emulator. Or you can also drag and drop the APK file into the NoxPlayer emulator to install the app.

Step 5: Now, all you have to do is follow the on-screen procedure to complete the rest of the installation procedure.

Step 6: Once the installation is done, you will find the Keye app NoxPlayer emulator’s homepage. Now click on it to enjoy the screen recorder on your Mac.

Some Alternative Apps to Keye App

alternative to Keye App for Mac

Along with the Keye app, you will find many apps that offer similar features with many advanced features. Here we have included some apps that you can use as an alternative to Keye.


Wansview is an outstanding surveillance app that offers advanced features like real-time recording, HD video, and night vision. Here you will also find a two-way conversation, share, support, and storing system. Wansview comes with both an SD card and a cloud storage system.


Onvifer is a motoring app, which will allow you to remotely view live videos with HD quality. This app can be compatible with more than 500 devices, and it also supports non-IP camera generic like MJPEG and RTSP streams. Onvifer will let you record video in mp4 formats and take snapshots from live video.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq of Keye App for Mac

Like many others, if you have any questions about the key application, follow the section below. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to clear up users’ thoughts about the app.

Why Is the Keye App Not Available in the Play Store?

The Keye app was removed by the Play Store service based on the play store’s policy. However, Keye App download for mac or other devices can be done from any authentic or trustable website.

Does the Keye App Have a Motion Detection Feature?

Yes, the Keye app has a motion detection feature that is known as an additional security level for any place. You will get immediate notification if the app detects any facial detection or any motion in the cam video.

Does the Keye App Have Pan, Zoom, and Tilt Options?

Well, yes keep app offers some exclusive features to ensure top-quality IP or CCTV camera viewability. Here you will find unique surveillance app features like pan, zoom, and tilt options.

Final Thought

Now you know Keye App for Mac Free Download can be done very easily. Since we have shown a reliable and effortless way, you can easily get the Keye App for mac. Once you get this app on your Mac, you can enjoy the top-quality surveillance app with several advanced features. Its attractive features like watching the live footage online, taking snapshots, and storing the footage will surely make your monitoring process more effective. When you can also listen and speak through the camera using an app, what do you need more? So start using this app today and add another additional layer of security in your home or workplace.

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