Keka for Mac: A Complete Guide to Download Keka on a Mac 

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File Size 36.4 MB 
Latest Version v1.2.54
Required macOS Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
Category Utilities  
License $4.99 (free version available)
Languages19 languages 
Offered by Jorge Garcia Armero
App NameKeka 
Official Website 

Keka is a file archiver app developed for macOS. It is used to compress files and save them in different formats. Keka provides data encryption and high security by allowing users to set passwords for the files. The app is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. 

But how do you download Keka on your Mac? How do you install and use it to save your confidential data? Keka is available for purchase in the App Store and third-party websites. 

This article will help you know more about using Keka on Mac and its advantages.

How to Download Keka on Mac? 

Keka can be downloaded on your Mac from the App Store. It is a paid app and costs $4.99. Besides this, you can also download a free version from Keka’s website. The developer requests donations to help with the project funding. Keka has certain system requirements to function on the Mac. Continue reading to know the system requirements and steps to download Keka on Mac.  

System Requirements to Use Keka on Mac 

Your Mac should have the following to be compatible with the Keka app. 

Processor Intel 64-bit 
Min. Required OSOS X 10.7
Compatible OSOS X 10.10, 10.11macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, and 11 (Big Sur) 

Steps to Download Keka on Mac

It is easy to download Keka on your Mac. You can try either method listed below. 

From App Store 

  • Through the App Store on your Mac, search for Keka. 
  • You can also download the app here: 
  • Tap install to download the app on your device. 
  • Make payment to complete the download.
  • Open the app by clicking on the Keka icon.

From Keka Website 

  • From your web browser, open 
  • Tap on the ‘download’ button in the header.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. 
  • For legacy versions, scroll to the bottom of the webpage.
  • Choose the appropriate version based on your macOS.
  • Download the app to your Mac device. 

Third-Party Websites 

  • On your web browser and search for Keka- the file archiver app 
  • Choose a website (PCMacStore, MacUpdate, etc.) that sells the app to users. 
  • Make payment and download the app on your Mac. 

However, we recommend using the Mac App Store or Keka’s official website to download the app to avoid the risk of cyberattacks. 

How to Install and Use Keka on Mac?

Keka will automatically be set as a default compress application on your Mac. That is the only way it can be used. However, Keka cannot be set as a default extraction file application. You have to specifically choose Keka to extract the file. 

Sometimes, Keka cannot be set as a default application. Use Keka Helper to set it as default. 

What is Keka Helper? 

Keka Helper is a small application that sets Keka as the default app on your Mac. You can download the KekaDefaultApp v1.1.2 from the official website. It is compatible with macOS X 10.9 or higher. 

You can remove Keka Helper after it sets Keka as default. However, you have to install it again to use it. Keka Helper runs in the background only for a few seconds. Removing it from your Mac will not affect the Keka app or its settings. 

Install Keka on Mac 

Keka will be automatically installed after you download it from the App Store. You will find the Keka icon in the Dock (bottom part of your Mac home screen). Simply click on the app icon to open and use it. 

Compress Files 

  • Open Keka app 
  • Select the format to compress the file 
  • Enter/create a password to protect the file 
  • Click on the check box for AES-256 encryption 
  • Select the files you want to compress
  • Drag and drop them from Mac’s hard drive to Keka’s interface
  • Wait for a couple of seconds for the file to be compressed
  • The compressed file will be saved to your Mac

Extract Files 

  • Select the file you want to extract 
  • Right-click on it 
  • Click on Open With and select Keka 
  • Enter the password for the file
  • Click on Done and wait 
  • Your extracted file will be saved in the same destination as the encrypted file 
  • The names of the files will be the same 
  • Click on the new extracted file (it will look like a folder) to open it 

Key Features of Keka

Drag & Drop Files 

Keka doesn’t require any complex commands. It is quick and easy to drag and drop files from anywhere on the Mac to Keka. Just open the app and drop the files on the interface. You can also drag and drop the files onto the Keka Dock icon. Single-click or double-click on the commands as necessary. It doesn’t get any easier.  

Data Encryption 

Data security is crucial in today’s world. Keka encrypts the data to maintain data security and preserves the format. Uncompressing/ extracting the file will convert the data to its original format. 

File Compression

Many of us have large files that occupy a lot of disk space. Keka compresses the files and reduces their size. It also allows you to break a huge file into a series of smaller files and arrange them in a sequence. You can upload and download the smaller files in a series and combine them in Keka whenever necessary. 

Password Protection 

You can use a password with the compressed files. Keka uses AES-256 encryption for 7Z files and Zip 2.0 encryption for ZIP files. You need to select the check box during encryption to add a password. Note that you cannot open the file if you forget the password.  

Creation Formats 

Keka is a versatile file archiver app because it supports multiple file formats. You can archive a file in any of the below formats by choosing the appropriate one during the encryption process. 


Extraction Formats 

A compressed file has to be extracted (opened) before you can access the data stored in it. Keka makes it easy to extract data from several types of compressed files. It can extract data from the following formats.


All Versions of Keka and macOS Requirements 

v1.2.54 (36.4 MB)macOS X 10.10 (or higher)
v1.1.30 (22.8 MB)macOS X 10.9 
v1.0.16 (19.2 MB)macOS X 10.7
v1.0.4 (19.3 MB)macOS X 10.6 
v1.0.4-leo (17.1 MB)macOS X 10.5 
v0.1.2.1 (4.7 MB)macOS X 10.4 


Is Keka safe to download on Mac?

Yes. Keka is a 100% safe app to download and use on Mac. We recommend you to download the app from the official website or Mac App Store. 

Are Keka legacy versions available for download? 

Yes. Keka legacy versions are available on the official website. Go to and scroll down to the end of the home page. Choose the version that suits your current macOS and download it. 


We hope you found answers to your queries in our article. Downloading and using Keka on Mac is easy and hassle-free. Follow the instructions on the screen and take a few minutes to get used to the app. 

Interested users can sign up with the developer to access the Beta version of Keka and test the new features before release. 

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