Keepass For Mac – How to Download and Install

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Remembering ten different passwords for different apps is not easy, and Keepass is here to help you with that. It’s a tool or, more precisely, a password manager that stores all your information in a single database. 

Using Keepass, you can now access all your apps and websites with just a single click and no need to remember different passwords for different applications. If you haven’t used the tool yet and are wondering how to download it on your Mac, you’re just at the right place. 

In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide on the installation of Keepass for Mac, along with various related information about the tool. So let’s begin- 

How To Download Keepass For Mac?

What Is Keepass, And How Does It Work? 

Keepass is basically a password manager that has made securing your apps and websites quite easy. We all use multiple passwords for our apps and other tools on our Pc, and remembering them all is not always easy. 

So instead of setting and resetting your passwords often, you can download Keepass and let the tool manage all your apps’ passwords. 

It’s pretty simple to use Keepass if you have some technical knowledge. All you have to do is save all your passwords in a single file or database, and you secure it with a master key or the main password. It is an encrypted file; you can access it by entering the main password. 

In simple terms, you create a file in Keepass where you save all passwords of your apps, websites, social media accounts, etc., and secure that file with a password. So now, instead of remembering ten different passwords, you have to remember one and access the rest from that principal folder. 

However, you must remember that main password; otherwise, you’ll lose access to others. Keepass has two different versions of security versions or two different encryption algorithms-

  • Twofish encryption security (256-bit key + 128-bit blocks)
  • Securing by AES encryption (256-bit key)  

You can also install the Keepass application on your iOS phone and synchronize your database remotely. In the app, you can create criteria like username and passwords and dump your passwords under each category, as shown in the picture below.

That’s not all. Keepass also has an automatic password entry feature. It simply means you can use Keepass to enter the password and username for a particular application. Under this feature, the app will automatically assign the credentials to a specific app or website whenever you launch them, so you don’t have to open your central password manager file and enter the passwords manually every time you open such apps. 

Even though Keepass is a free tool, it’s not beneficial for everyone. The primary reason is the app is quite difficult to use. Beginners or people not very efficient in technical usage find it complicated to manage Keepass and opt for simpler alternatives. 

Moreover, although it enables access to multiple users, it’s not easy to manage and gets more taxing. 

How To Download Keepass On Mac? 

Follow these steps to download Keepass on your Mac- 

  • Visit the official Keepass website by clicking at
  • You’ll see all the released versions of the applications 
  • Click on any of the versions, and on the new page, you’ll find the download link.
  • Once you click on Download Keepass (version code), you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll find more options to select. Click on your preferred version, and the application will start downloading on your Macbook.
  • Once the download gets complete, follow installation instructions as directed by the application. 


What Is The Drawback Of Keepass?

Even though it’s an open-source tool, Keepass is highly technical. Creating and storing databases is not that easy, and people with little technical knowledge find it difficult to use the app.

LastPass Or Keepass, Which Is A Better Software?

LastPass is not an open-source tool as opposed to Keepass. But LastPass is more user-friendly compared to the latter. The other features are almost identical, so ultimately, it comes down to individual preferences.

Which Keepass Version Is The Best For Mac?

According to experts, KeepassX is the best password manager for Mac. It comes in portable and installable versions and works perfectly with Macbooks.

What Are The Best Keepass Alternatives For Mac?

Some of the best Keepass alternatives for Mac are- Hider2, F-Secure Key, iAlertU, 1Password, LastPass, etc.


Keepass has been recognized as the most effective password manager for both personal and professional use. It’s an open-source and free tool, so anybody can use it. Hopefully, you found this download guide useful and informative. 

Let us know if you can download the app or not. If you are facing any issues operating the tool, let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to find more Mac download guides.

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