IP Webcam for Mac – Easy Way To Download On Mac In 2022

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Nowadays, people are so busy with their work and they need some help to monitor and protect their belongings. As a result, people set up security cameras to keep an eye on important things. Sometimes it becomes difficult when we can’t control the camera from a distance. But the technology brings the solution through the IP Webcam App.

IP Webcam is a surveillance app that contains numerous unique features. With this app, you will be able to view the real time video footage of your security cameras remotely. In addition, the motion detection feature enables you to get notifications when something moves in front of camera coverage.

Here in this content we’ll discuss how to install IP Webcam for mac and what kind of benefits you’ll get from this app when you use it on your Mac.

About the IP Webcam app

IP Webcam is an excellent remote surveillance app that has been developed by Pavel Khlebovich. In July 2010 it was listed in the Video Players & Editors category on Google Play Store. After that, about 10 million people have installed this on their devices till now. Not only that, it also received a lot of positive reviews with an average rating of 3.9. This internet protocol webcam app was last updated on October 29, 2020, with version 1.15.0r.769 (aarch64).

Technical Specifications of IP Webcam App

Every single app has some core features which make the difference among other apps. Here in this part of the article, you will find all the details of the IP Webcam. This detailed information may help you to figure out the IP Webcam from the play store.

Application Name: IP WebcamContent RatingRated for 3+
Category  Video Players And EditorsOffered By Pavel Khlebovich
Last Update October 29, 2020File size 21 M
Current Version 1.15.0r.769 (aarch64)Official Websitehttp://ip-webcam.appspot.com/

Common Features of IP Webcam App

IP Webcam has some outstanding features to aid you to turn your Android phone into a Webcam. All of these features make this IP Webcam app the best among others in the Play Store. Here you’ll see IP Webcams’ common features below.

Extensive Monitor Features:

IP Webcam offers a wide range of monitoring systems with multiple viewing options. You can view your videos on camera with VLC or even a web browser. In your monitor, you can see the date, time, and battery level on the video overlay. This IP Webcam has baby and pet monitor features. These features are like night vision and sound detection.

High Resolution and Highlight Motions:

Your recorded videos will be high definition and when you zoom in on the videos it will not be blurry. This app will record your videos automatically so that you don’t need to observe them all the time. IP Webcam has motion detection that can highlight the incidents systematically.

Two-Way Audio Supported:

In the IP camera, the Two-way audio system allows you to receive and transmit audio through it. To use this audio function, you have to add an extra microphone or speaker. IP Webcam can stream your audio in WAV, opus, and AAC.

Record and Upload Videos:

IP Webcam offers to record your videos in WebM, MOV, MKV, or MPEG4 formats. You can upload your videos to Dropbox, SFTP, FTP as well as Email too with the help of the Filoader Plugin.

How to Download and Install IP Webcam for MAC?

If you don’t have any good experience with any webcam apps, then try out this super amazing IP Webcam app for Mac. IP Webcam download for macOS is not a hard task to do. Anyone who doesn’t have any basic computer knowledge can also do the procedure of downloading without any hassle.

If you want IP Webcam free download, then try out the easiest way- the Android Emulator. Which Android Emulator should you use to download IP Webcam? You may find thousands of emulators on the internet. However, all of them will not provide the same services. That’s why we’ve mentioned the top five Android emulators that may help you to download any Android Apps.  They are-

  • Bluestacks Emulators
  • Nox Player Emulators
  • MEmu Player Emulators
  • Remix OS Player Emulators
  • ARChon Player Emulators

Download and Install IP Webcam for Mac [Using Nox player Emulator]

Though above we’ve mentioned the top five emulators, here we’ll use the Nox Player emulator to show the downloading procedure. Nox Player is the best emulator which gives the best services and performances to its users.

Step 1: Download and Install Nox Player Emulator

Open the official site of the Nox Player from your MacBook. Click on the Mac version, and it’ll download the DMS file. Tap on the file to install it on your Mac.

how to Download and Install Ip webcam For Mac using Nox Player Emulator

Step 2: Sign in to the Google Play Store

Now sign in to the Google Play Store with your Gmail Account and passcode. If you don’t have any, then open a new Gmail account and sign in again. Then click the play store to open it on your Mac.

login with gmail to Download and Install Ip webcam For Mac

Step 3: Search the IP Webcam app on the Play Store

Type IP Webcam on the search box of the Play Store home page. Click on the thumbnail of the IP Webcam app.

Download and Install Ip webcam For Mac

Step 4: Install IP Webcam App

Open the IP Webcam app, tap the install button from the top right of the app.  It’ll install systematically and then open the app to use on your Mac.

Alternative Apps to IP Webcam for MAC

On the Play store, you’ll find many alternatives to IP Webcam, but all are not the same in performance. That’s why we’ve mentioned two different alternative apps of IP Webcam.

DroidCam – Webcam:

DroidCam is a surveillance software that can transform your Android devices into a webcam.  This app is totally free and has no limitations to use. You can chat using their DroidCam Webcam on your device and send pictures without watermarks. Connect the app on your device with a Wi-Fi or USB cable to work smoothly. In the background, you can use other apps with this webcam application.

USB Camera – Webcam:

If you ever want to turn your Android device into a Webcam? Then try this USB camera app to turn your Android device into a webcam. With this amazing surveillance app, you can link your device to watch all the videos of your places remotely. To use this app you’ll need the best quality OTG cable which will ensure the power supply. This app supports loop-recording and with this app, you can set an auto segment when you’re recording. If you have any storage problem, then the USB camera app can auto-delete old video archives.

Frequently Asked Questions: IP Webcam for Mac

After reading through the whole article of IP Webcam for Mac, if any questions are peeking through your mind, then try this section. Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions in regard to this topic.

Is the IP Webcam App Safe?

One of the safest home surveillance applications is IP Webcam. It allows you to use your phone as a remote camera. The app provides good services, though the limited collection of functions. VLC player support, live video streaming, Ivideon support, FTP server, and Dropbox support, motion detection, and video chat support are among them.

How Do I Set up My IP Camera?

  • Link up your Android device to the Wi-Fi.
  • Install IP Webcam on that device.
  • Open the IP Webcam app and set up the resolution of your videos.
  • Tap on the “start server” from the bottom of the menu.
  • Now open the iSpy and then tap Add IP cameras.

How Can I Access My Camera from Another Phone?

Install and launch the Google Clips app on another phone. To begin connecting your camera with your Android phone, click “Start Setup”. To accept the Google Terms of Service, click “Accept”. When you’re trying to find Google Clips: To ensure your camera is ready to connect, press the shutter button on it.

Wrapping Up

This IP Webcam gives users real-time access to a range of IP cameras. It can be used with more than seventy different brands. A total of four camera feeds can be viewed at the same time with IP Webcam. This app has the baby along with a pet monitor feature with night vision. In addition, you can change the direction of the camera to view your desired place from wherever you want. However, to get all these benefits, download the IP Webcam for mac following our above-mentioned methods.

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