iClean for Mac 2022 | Download And Install Latest Version

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Why do our devices create lagging issues? Or why they suddenly get slower and create battery draining issues. Well, these things can happen for several reasons, and cache or junk files are one of the key reasons. Junk files can effectively disgrace your device’s performance.

By installing iClean for Mac, you can solve these issues. This cleaner app will work for you as a perfect solution to cut down the unnecessary processes and speed up your device. It will clean junk files, scan and clean viruses, clean cache files from your Mac. Overall, iClean will work for you as a super clean helper and a better performance provider for your Mac.

iClean For Mac Apk & Features

iclean for Mac

Among many junk cleaner apps, iClean is becoming the most popular junk or cache cleaning app. There are many reasons behind this app’s popularity, and its features are one of the key reasons. So here, we are going to show you some key features that the iClean app contains.

Super Junk Cleaner:

Too much junk and cache can significantly slower your device and also consume a lot of space. iClean contains a super junk cleaner that will let you analyze and clean the junk and system cache files. It will also let you remove residual files, temporary files, unless APKs, and many more.

Super Phone Booster:

iClean app is packed with an analytical mechanism. It will help you detect and remove all the processes, which are causing a lot of storage space use. By creating more space on your device’s storage system, iClean will let your device work more efficiently.

Virus Cleaner:

iClean will work as a visual cleaner, and it will block all viruses, dangerous APKs, links, or files. It will give you real-time protection by detecting malware, hackers, rootkits, and even online fraud. It will also protect your device from any type of virus threats.

App Lock:

iClean also has an app lock protection system and it will help you keep your personal information secure. Here you will have a fingerprint, passcode, and pattern to secure your device’s apps.

Whatsapp Cleaner:

In the iClean app, there is a unique feature that is available for What’s app and Line. This app contains cleaner for Whats app and Line and lets you clean all the residual files.

Personalized Notification:

iClean has a reminder option that will remind you about device-related issues. When you are busy enough to check the device issue then this app will remind you about it. Simply you just have to activate the features and get a reminder notification.

CPU Cooler:

This app will work as a perfect CUP cooler for your device. iClean app will find and stop the app that is causing overheating issues. With cooling down the CUP, iClean will prevent the temperature issues.

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iClean App Detail

The iClean app is gaining more popularity than other junk cleaning apps. That’s why you will find many cleaning apps with a similar name to the iClean app. That’s why now we are going to show you the core details of this app through a table.

NameiClean – Booster, Super Virus Cleaner, Master
App Size26 MB
Requires Android4.4 and Up
Current Version1.8.7
Last UpdatedJanuary 9, 2020
License TypeFree

How To Download or Install iClean for Mac

iclean for pc

Basically, iClean is a mobile-based app that is designed to improve smartphones’ performance. From cleaning junk files to manage apps, you can do everything through a single app. But the issue occurs when anyone wants to download iClean for Mac.

Trust me, you can easily install iClean for Mac by simply using an emulator software. BlueStacks, Nox Player, Remix OS Player, MEmu – these are the most popular and used emulators. We will pick the BlueStacks emulator to show you the downloading process of iClean.

Step 1: At first, download BlueStacks and use the official website to get the latest version.

Step 2: Then install it on your Mac. The installation process may take a little time.

Step 3: Now, open BlueStacks by simply double-click on the icon.

Step 4: Look for the Google play store and launch it with your email ID and password.

Step 5: Then search for “iClean” and you will find the app on the search result

Step 6: Select the app and click on the “install” button.

Step 7: Once the installation is over, now you are ready to use iClean on your Mac.

Windows users can also install iClean for windows by following the same described method.


Frequently Asked Questions

As it is a cleaning app, it’s common to have a lot of queries. While using this app, some questions may also arise in your mind too. Here we have included some questions and answers that are asked by users most of the time. Keep reading; these answers may also clear your thoughts too.

Is iClean a Safe App?

Yes, iClean is totally safe for any device, and without any hesitation, start using the iClean app on your device.

Does iClean Create Battery Issues?

No, we still do not hear any battery related complaints from iClean users. But too much use of it can create battery draining issues.

Is iClean Really Help to Boost Your Device’s Performance?

Yes, iClean will clean the junk and cookies from your device and also create storage space. So this process will help you to boost your device’s performance.

Final Thought

While most people think it’s not possible to use the iClean app on your Mac. But now you know how easily you can easily install iClean for Mac to improve your device’s performance. This will work for you as a super booster and junk or cache file cleaner for your Mac device.

Where other cleaning applications cause a number of battery issues; on the other hand, iClean works as a battery doctor. iClean will work for you as a solution for the performance issues of your Mac. We hope this guidepost really helps you to get the iClean app on your Mac.

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