How to Download Hulu for Mac? Stream Hulu on Your Mac

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Hulu is an American subscription streaming platform that has gained immense popularity in recent times. While downloading Hulu on your Android or windows devices might be easy, installing it on your Mac may require extra work. 

So how to download Hulu for Mac? Can you stream Hulu on a Mac? Yes, you can stream Hulu on a Mac PC, but a dedicated app for macOS is not available.

Here in this article, you’ll learn how to use this streaming app on your Macbook and watch unlimited content. So let’s begin. 

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How to Download Hulu App for Mac?

Hulu does not offer a dedicated app for macOS, and the only way to watch it is by using the browser extension. I’ll ensure to update this article or post a new one if Hulu decides to roll out an app for your Mac. Till then, you can enjoy streaming on Hulu using the browser extension method explained below. 

System Requirements to Watch Hulu on Mac 

Before you go ahead and download the Hulu on your Mac, ensure that you have these systems installed on your device- 

Min Supported OS Mac OS X 10.3 or above 
Requirements Latest version of Chrome or Safari
HTML5 enabledYES
Cookies and Javascript enabledYES

Steps to Download Hulu On a Mac

Downloading Hulu for Mac is easy and simple. You can download the app on your Mac with the Chrome browser extension. Here are the step you have to follow to download Hulu- 

  • Open the latest version of the Chrome browser on your Mac and visit and log on to
  • You will see the install (+) icon on the right side of the address bar. 
  • Confirm the installation from the Chrome dialog 
  • Once installed, launch Hulu and add it to your taskbar or dock. 

How To Enable Hulu On Mac? 

Enabling Hulu On Mac, 

  • Open settings 
  • Select security & location, then select location services
  • Switch on the location 
  • Review the recently checked devices in your device’s location and enable Hulu

Enabling Hulu on Chrome 

  • In the top right corner, click on more 
  • Select settings 
  • Scroll down and select advanced 
  • Now click on the privacy & security section 
  • Click on site settings> location 
  • Switch on ask before accessing 

Enabling Hulu on Safari 

  • Click on the Apple menu on the top right corner of your MacBook 
  • Tap on system preferences 
  • Now click on the privacy & security icon 
  • Select location services 
  • Now check the enabled location services and make sure Safari is enabled there. 

Key Features of Hulu for Mac

Now that you know how to download Hulu on Mac, you must also be familiar with the app’s features. Knowing these would help you utilize all the features to the maximum. Here is a quick look at all the fantastic features Hulu has to offer- 

Hulu Live TV

Subscribing to the Hulu Live TV plan gives you access to multiple channels with thousands of content options. You can watch pro leagues and live sports, access all top news channels and watch significant events like the Grammys, Olympics, etc. 

A Catalog With Numerous Options

The Hulu catalog has thousands of options to select from. You will get a wide variety of options for movies, series, and TV shows both from the classic and current times. Hulu streams some exclusive series and shows, so they aren’t available anywhere else. 

Additionally, as a part of Hulu’s partnership with HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, CINEMAX®, etc., you get access to these channels’ contents as well. 

Hulu Bundle 

The Bundle subscription on Hulu lets you take subscriptions on other streaming platforms like Disney+ and other top streaming platforms. So with one subscription, you get to watch the contents of different platforms. 

Dedicated Profile Classification 

You can create upto six profiles on Hulu where each individual can keep track of their favorite shows, movies, and other content. There will be no content mix-up with dedicated profile classifications, and everyone can enjoy their shows without disruption. 

Get a Tailor-Made Experience 

As you watch content on Hulu, the app tracks the kind of shows or movies you like and provides you suggestions accordingly. So you get a tailor-made experience on the app. 

Watch offline 

You can also download your shows or movies on Hulu and watch them offline. So now you can enjoy your favorite shows during a long flight or during bad internet connections too. 

Top Video And Sound Quality 

You can watch content upto 60 fps and on 4k resolution on Hulu. Hulu also provides an optimum sound quality by supporting Dolby Digital 5.1 surrounding sound. But of course, the kind of quality you get to experience varies on your subscription type. 

Hulu Is Available On All Devices 

You can seamlessly watch Hulu on all devices like TV, mobile, laptops, computers, and tablets. Both the audio and video quality on all devices are top-notch. 

Multiple Subscription Plans 

There are multiple subscription plans on Hulu. You can choose the one that fits your budget and includes the kind of content you enjoy. 


Can I watch Hulu if I’m not a US customer?

Yes, you can watch Hulu even if you are not a US customer. You can download the app using VPN and connect to a US server. 

Why can’t I download Hulu Shows On My Mac?

You can only download Hulu shows on your mobile devices. Till now, Hulu has not offered the option to download shows on Mac or any PC.

How can I watch Hulu without the app?

Go to on your Chrome browser and log in to watch your favorite shows. 


Hopefully, you found your answer to how to download Hulu for Mac in this article. If you have the Chrome extension installed on your Mac, downloading Hulu will take just a few minutes. Make sure to read the instructions well to make installing the app hassle-free for you. 

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