Fallout for Mac Download – How To Download For mac In 2022

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Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play simulation video game that is a part of the Fallout series. Create a brighter future in the underground and challenge your friends when you are playing this video game. You can check leaderboards and all the achievements of your vault life.

However, to get this amazing simulation video game on your Mac, you will need an Android emulator. Below, we have mentioned the exact methods and steps of Fallout for mac download. Follow the steps and enjoy managing your state-of-the-art underground vault.

About the Fallout App

Fallout, the management game, was developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC in August 2015. The current version of this game is 1.14.10 which was updated on April 20, 2021. After publishing the Fallout Shelter, more than 1 million people installed it, with an average rating of 4.2.

Technical specifications of Fallout Shelter App

Each and every app has some core technical specifications that make them different from other apps. These specifications will help you out to find the exact app easily.

Application Name: Fallout ShelterContent Rating Rated for 12+
Developer: Bethesda Game StudiosOffered ByBethesda Softworks LLC
Last Update April 20, 2021File size 38 M
Current Version 1.14.10Official Websitehttps://fallout.bethesda.net/en/

Features of Fallout Shelter App

Fallout: The Free to Play Game has some advanced features which will ensure the players enjoy it. Here in this section, we have mentioned some interesting features of the Fallout Shelter video game. Let’s have a look-

Build and Protect the Perfect Vault:

To set up the best vault layout, make a power room near the vault door, or you can even build it in the living quarters. To the left of the second floors’ elevator, construct a diner beneath 2000 feet of bedrock. On the second level, construct a water treatment room to the right of the elevator.

The Vault’s existence may be interrupted from time to time by the hazards of post-nuclear life. Prepare your Dwellers to defend themselves against dangers from both the outside and the inside.

Oversee a Thriving Community:

Learn about your Dwellers and how to make them happy. Choose the perfect occupation for them and watch them succeed. When playing as a player, you need to manage all the resources and give support to achieve equitable access.

In the list of the thriving communities, you’ll find living wages, housing, transportation, healthy food, water, healthcare, education along with childcare.


A well-run Vault needs a diverse group of Dwellers with a range of abilities. To attract new Dwellers, construct a Radio Room. Play matchmaker and watch the sparks fly, or take an active part in their personal life.

Explore the Wasteland:

Send Dwellers above the earth to explore the shattered surface that has been left behind, in search of adventure, useful survival treasure, or unfathomable death. Discover new armor and weaponry while gaining experience and earning Caps. However, do not let them die.

How to Download and Install Fallout for MAC?

Fallout for Mac free download is a super easy task. If you don’t have any knowledge about operating computers, you don’t need to worry. Fallout App download for macOS can be done by following some simple steps. Though this app is not available for MacBook Pro, you’ll definitely need an Android emulator first.

An Android emulator is software which imitates a variety of devices and allows you to download Android apps on your Mac. Though you’ll find hundreds of emulators on the internet, here we have mentioned some popular ones.

  1. Bluestacks Emulator
  2. Nox Player Emulator
  3. Remix OS Player Emulator
  4. ARChon Emulator
  5. MEmu Emulator

You can now pick one of the Android emulators from there to download the Fallout Shelter app Mac download. Here we have shown the download procedure with the Nox Player emulator.

Download and Install Fallout Shelter Using Nox Player Emulator

We have taken out Nox Player As it has the easiest interface which is really user-friendly. Follow the downloading and installing procedure that we have given below.

Step 1: When you go to the official site of the Nox Player here you’ll find the Mac version to download.

how to download and install Fallout for Mac Download using nox player

Step 2: Install the emulator Nox Player and launch it on your Mac. Now find the Play Store on the Homepage of the Nox player.

install Fallout for Mac Download using nox player

Step 3: To get access to the Google store from your Mac, you need to provide your Gmail account and passcode. Create a new Gmail account if you don’t have any.

login with gmail info to get Fallout for Mac Download

Step 4: When you get access to the play store, search for the Fallout Shelter and click on the thumbnail of the app to open it.

search for Fallout for Mac Download

Step 5: After opening the app, click on the Installation button from the top-right side of the app. The Fallout app will install and launch on your Mac automatically.

how to download and install Fallout for Mac Download

Alternative apps to Fallout

Below we have discussed another popular simulation video game which you can use as an alternative to the Fallout app. Check out what extra features this app provides for you which you will not find in other random games.


The episode is one of the story games with which you can design your own character and give them a new charm. With this amazing video game, you can experience romance, adventure, and lots of drama, comedy, and many more. This game has moreover 100,000 gripping stories and makes your own character in your desired stories. This is actually one of the biggest series of immersive stories where you can select your own fate. If you want to know more about this Episode game then go through our article about the Episode for Mac.

This War of Mine:

This War of Mine is a survival video game, and it always focuses on the civilian experience of war. To survive everyday difficulties, you have to make some hard decisions. This War of Mine has a variety of endings for each and every character, relying on your decisions. It’s a strategy game where you need to control all the civilian survivors.

Frequently asked question

Here we have answered some frequent questions and answers which will clarify much more about the Fallout Shelter. Let’s check them out. We hope all these answers may solve your issues.

Is Fallout Shelter any good?

This is a fantastic game that I suggest to everyone aged 9 and up. The goal of this game is to establish a civilization and get people to settle in so that they may be safeguarded. To keep your inhabitants happy and alive, gather goods such as weapons, clothes, and junk.

Is there an end to the Fallout Shelter?

There is no end to the Fallout video game. If you have lots of time, then you can try out this game. You need to earn the power/food/water generator, a wasteland explorer, and training chambers.

How old are the vault dwellers, and Can they die of old age in the Fallout Shelter?

The vault dwellers were almost 67 years old when they left the village. The other dwellers of the villages do not die at their old ages. If you do not restore the dwellers of the Wasteland within 24 hours of death, then they will die permanently.

Wrapping Up

Fallout Shelter is an excellent video game that offers its players to be the overseer of its inhabitants. As the overseer, the game player needs to run a Vault TEC Corporation Vault. You also need to manage all the vault functions too. This is the 7th game that is related to the Fallout world.

This game has 23 buildable rooms which you can unblock by enhancing the number of dwellers in the Westland. However, to get this video game on your Mac you have to follow the above-mentioned procedure with an emulator. With all these steps, Fallout for Mac download is easy and simple.

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