DroidCam App for Mac – How To Download & Install On Mac

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Droidcam is your best choice for meetings if you do not have a webcam but want to do meetings like you would with Zoom or Skype. It turns your smartphone into a webcam. DroidCam can collaborate with Windows and Linus and connect them with your Android.

DroidCam App for Mac

This app is only available for Android and iOS devices, so you cannot download the DroidCam app for Mac directly. To download this app on your Mac, you will need an Android emulator. Keep reading to get familiar with the app and its download procedure for your Mac.

About DroidCam – Webcam app

Dev47Apps developed and published the DroidCam app in June 2010 in the Tools category of the Google Play Store. The current version of this app is 6.9.3 and was last updated on 9th June 2021. About 900 people review this app with 4.5 ratings and more than ten million people have installed the DroidCam app till now.

Technical specifications of DroidCam -Webcam for MAC

In the table below, you will find the core specifications of the DroidCam app. This detailed information will aid you to know more about the DroidCam app for Mac iOS from Google Play Store.

Application Name:DroidCam – Webcam for PCContent Rating 3+
License  FreeOffered By Dev47Apps
Last Update June 9, 2021File size 3.4 M
Current Version 6.9.3Official Websitehttp://www.dev47apps.com/

Features of DroidCam App

features of DroidCam App for Mac

Every application has some major features, and the DroidCam App is not so different. For the users of this DroidCam app, it has some core beneficial features. In this section of the content, we have highlighted some features of the DroidCam App.

Easy Setup:

DroidCam solves the issue of webcam for video calls on your devices. This app lets you systematically route the video calls from your Android phone camera. It also allows sounds on your video call and even opens a chat on your device.

DroidCam is a low-cost, simple solution that allows you to transform your smartphone into a webcam.


One of the key features of the DroidCam app is its convenience. Do not worry about buying the best webcam, just install DroidCam on your smartphone and Mac. Now set up your device at your best and most convenient angle.  Then you can use your device’s built-in camera with the app.


DroidCam comes with several functions. This allows you to link your Mac to your mobile device. You may also get the app straight from the developers.

You may then use your mobile device as both a webcam and an IP camera by using an internet browser to stream live footage on various sites such as YouTube or Twitch.

Value for Money:

Regardless of the software you use, DroidCam is free and supports Windows and Linux. There are no use limitations or picture watermarks, and the app operates in the background while you do other things with your phone. DroidCam has a premium version that offers high-resolution image support, video effects, and no advertisements.

Extremely Useful Webcam:

DroidCam offers a simple, intuitive user interface which makes setting up and usage simple. The application takes up 19 MB of space on the hard disk, making it an inconspicuous application. DroidCam is free, secure, and has all the functionality you require.

How to Download and Install DroidCam Webcam for MAC

DroidCam App Download for macOS is not difficult. This app is available for Android and iOS devices only. To get this DroidCam app on your Mac, you need an Android emulator. Altogether, Android emulators enable you to download and install Android apps on the MacBook.

There are several Android emulators on the internet, offering limited features and services. Therefore, it will be tough for you to find the best emulators. For your convenience, in this section of the article, we have mentioned the best five emulators on the internet that are user-friendly. Let’s have a look:

  • Bluestacks Emulator
  • Nox Player Emulator
  • MEmu Emulator
  • ARChon Emulator
  • Remix OS Player Emulator

Download and Install DroidCam for Mac Using MEmu Emulator

Though we have mentioned five android emulators above, we will demonstrate how to download the DroidCam app for Mac with the MEmu player. It is super easy and trouble-free.  Follow the procedures to download the app on your Mac.

  • Download and Install MEmu Emulator for Mac

On your Mac browser, search for the official site of the MEmu emulator. Then click on the download option, and the DMS file will be downloaded automatically. Click on the downloaded file, and it will install on your Mac automatically.

how to download and install DroidCam App for Mac using memu player
  • Sign in to the Google Play Store

Open the MEmu player and go to the Google Play Store to sign in with your Gmail account and passcode. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create a new account.

login with a gmail to get DroidCam App for Mac
  • Install DroidCam for Mac

When you get access to the Google Play Store, search for the DroidCam app on the search bar. Click on the thumbnail of the app to open it. Tap on the Install button of the app, which you will find in the top right corner of the app. Once the installation of this app is complete, open the DroidCam app to enjoy the webcam on your Mac.

how to download and install DroidCam App for Mac

Alternative Apps to DroidCam App

If you are looking for alternatives to DroidCam App, then this section is for you. Here, we have mentioned two additional webcam alternatives to the DroidCam app. Let’s check them out:

SuperLive Plus:

SuperLive Plus is a surveillance webcam that you can use for security purposes. With this app, you can keep an eye on your workplace or home 24/7  and control your cameras from anywhere. With this app, you can watch live videos with high-resolution footage and view up to 9 camera feeds at the same time. You can also record videos and watch them whenever you want to. To know more about this app, read this article SuperLive plus for Mac.

Iriun 4K Webcam:

To use your devices as a webcam, you can get help from the app Iriun 4K Webcam. Like software such as Zoom or Skype, you will get similar benefits from this app. Connecting to this app is very easy with a few steps. The Iriun app is compatible with up to 4K video quality, and that’s why the video resolution is so high. The server of the Iriun webcam will run smoothly on your Mac, but you have to connect this app to your Android phone first.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the above article, we have covered so many essential things about the DroidCam Wireless Webcam App. Even then, in this section, we will give answers to some issues related to the DroidCam IP webcam.

Why Is Droidcam Not Detecting My Phone?

To begin, make sure your device’s “USB Debugging” feature is turned on. It may be found in the Developer Options section of your phone’s settings. Select the USB connection option in the DroidCam app and tap the refresh button. If the app identifies your phone, it will most likely prompt you to allow USB debugging.

How Can I Fix the Droidcam Connection Failure?

If you receive “connection reset” or “connection lost” problems, follow these steps:

  • End the “adb.exe” process in Task Manager.
  • If it doesn’t work, change the ‘DroidCam Port’ setting in both the app and the device.

How Do I Use the Back Camera on My Droidcam?

On your device, start the DroidCam app. Then connect your phone to your Mac or PC. Click the “…” option on the bottom left side of the PC window, then Show Camera Output to watch the output video.

Wrapping Up

DroidCam helps to turn your device into a webcam which allows you take part in video meetings.  You can do all the primary tasks on the free version, but on the premium version, you will get access to advanced features. You’ll be up to unlocking zoom, brightness as well as autofocus capabilities. To get all the features and functions of this app, download the DroidCam app for Mac with the Android MEmu emulator.

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