Disk Clean For Mac: Best Apps For 2022

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Downloading music apps, streaming apps like Netflix, games, and other stuff is fun. But these downloads clutter our Mac with caches, application traces, unrequired junk, duplicate files, etc. Therefore, cleaning such junk from your Mac and freeing up space is important. 

But manual cleanup does not always work since not all of us are aware of what to clean and where to find the unnecessary files. Secure disk cleanup is the best solution to free your Mac from litter. 

Finding an effective Mac cleaner is again a task since not all disk clean apps are Mac efficient. Therefore, we have shortlisted the four best disk cleaning software for Mac that are efficient and easy to use. So let’s begin. 

4 Best Disk Cleaning Software For Mac 

Here is the updated list of four best disk cleaners for Mac you must try- 



MacKeeper is one of the best disk cleaners for Mac. It works in almost all OS devices, but the system requirement may vary depending on which MacKeeper version you use. You can clean your junk files, free up space, and find and erase duplicate files using MacKeeper. 

MacKeeper is free for scanning files, but if you want to use more advanced features, you have to take a paid plan. A maximum of three persons can use one MacKeeper subscription. 

The Safe Cleanup tool is the best way to clear your Mac, and here is how to use it- 

  • Download MacKeeper and go to the safe cleanup tab and click on it. 
  • You’ll see a list of files – click on the ones you want to clear. 
  • Then click on the clean junk files tab at the bottom, and the app will delete these files from your Mac. 

Clean Memory using MacKeeper

  • Open MacKeeper and go to Memory Cleaner. 
  • Then tap on the clean memory tab at the bottom, and the app will automatically free up space. 

Find Duplicate Files With MacKeeper 

  • Open MacKeeper and go to the duplicates finder tab. 
  • Click on the boxes you want to remove and click on the Remove selected tab at the bottom of the page, and done. 

2. SpeedUp Mac 

SpeedUp Mac

Another great Mac junk cleaner is SpeedUp Mac. The app can quickly find duplicate, unrequired, and junk files and free up space. SpeedUp Mac is compatible with macOS Big Sur 11 and earlier.

SpeedUp Mac is available for free for one month. After the free trial, you need to activate a paid one-year subscription. 

Here is how to use SpeedUp Mac- 

Uninstalling App With SpeedUp Mac

  • Launch SpeedUp Mac and from the toolbar, click on the uninstall tab. 
  • Now go to the drag & drop app and drop files you want to delete in the uninstall area. 
  • Or you can also go to the app sections on the sidebar. 
  • Now select the apps you want to uninstall and click on uninstall now. 
  • Once the process is over, click on ok. 

3. Drive Genius  

Drive Genius

It’s a Mac monitoring device that lets your Mac run smoothly with its three key features- cleanup, speedup, and protection. Drive Genius is compatible with macOS Big Sur 11 (intel only) and macOS Sierra 10.12 or later. 

Drive Genius is a paid tool and has many advanced features. The app is mainly for professional use. 

Finding Duplicate Files With Drive Genius 

Find duplicates is one of the best features of this app, where it constantly finds duplicate files on your Mac and replaces them from the drive. Here is how you can find duplicate files- 

  • Launch the app from the sidebar select, startup drive, then click on find duplicates. As soon as you click on that, it will locate and remove all duplicate files. 

Removing Large Files 

Removing large files is another feature of Drive Genius. You can use this feature mainly to locate large files that you didn’t know were capturing space on your Mac. To delete large files- 

  • Launch the app and go to the startup drive on the sidebar. 
  • Click on find large files; it will show you all the large files like- videos and other such files. You can either move these files to an external drive or delete all of them. 

4. Disk Doctor 

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is the last best disk clean for Mac on our list. This app can remove caches, large files, temp files, logs, leftovers, etc. Disk Doctor is compatible with OS X Mavericks or later. Disk Doctor is also a paid tool, but they let you try the free version to see the features they offer. 

Here is how Disk Doctor works- 

Disk Doctor scans your Mac and separates the files into different categories like- 

  • Application caches 
  • Application leftovers 
  • Application logs
  • iOS Backups 
  • iOS software updates 
  • Downloads 
  • Partial downloads 
  • Screenshots 
  • Broken login items 
  • Installer packages 
  • Developer files 
  • Large files 
  • Mail caches 
  • Broken preferences 
  • Message attachments 

To clean up files from any of the above categories, you need to- 

  • Launch Disk Doctor and select any category from the sidebar 
  • Then select the files that you want to delete and untick the ones that you want to keep 
  • Click on the remove selected files tab, and the unimportant files will be removed within seconds. 


Hopefully, you found this article on disk clean for Mac useful. We use so many applications, websites, and streaming platforms on our Mac every day; therefore, cleaning our computers is necessary. 

The applications I mentioned are Mac compatible and have amazing features. Let us know which one you liked the most, and stay tuned to see more Mac-related guides. 


How Do I Prevent My Mac From Slowing Down?

To prevent your Mac from slowing down, you should limit your number of web browsing apps, remove unused apps, remove screen savers, restart occasionally, and use a disk cleaner to get rid of unwanted files and caches and free up space. 

Why Has My Mac Slowed Down All Of A Sudden?

Your Mac may slow down due to an overloaded cache or an outdated Mac version. If you are using an old Mac model, it may be unable to run the updated files. 

Is It Safe To Delete Cache Files On Mac?

Yes, deleting a cache file from the web browser is safe. Clearing cache files periodically is vital to let your Mac work faster. 

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