Clash of Clans for Mac – How To Download On Mac In 2022

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Clash of Clans is a battle strategy game where you can build and protect your village by developing and training soldiers. In this game, you can challenge Clan Wars as a team against millions of real-time gamers around the globe. Furthermore, this game enables you to collect resources and loot other players to upgrade your community and make it a fortress.

More so, you can test your fighting skills in the competitive Clan War League to prove that you are the best. This game allows you to watch Clanmate attack and defend them as real-time viewers or videogame players. Although it is compatible with only Android and iOS, most people want to play it on their Mac for its unique features and game mode. However, they do not know how to download Clash of Clans for Mac. Here, we will show a complete guide to getting this app.

About Clash of Clans App

Finnish game developer, Supercell, developed Clash of Clans on August 2, 2012. This game was released on Google Play Store for Android on October 7, 2013, and on iOS platforms on August 2, 2012. Since its release on Play Store, this game has been installed by 500 million users with a rating of 4.5. The game was recently updated on May 5, 2021, to version 14.0.12.

Clash of Clans app Specifications

Below is a chart showing relevant information about Clash of Clans. This information will guide you to get the authentic app on Google Play Play Store.

Application NameClash of ClansContent Rating4.5
Last UpdateMay 5, 2021File size174M
Current Version14.0.12Official Website

Features of Clash of Clans for Mac

Clash of Clans game has many features that will meet your needs to play strategy games. Outlined below are some of the significant features of the game.

features of clash of clan


The Clash of Clans game has numerous armoury set up as a defence in different villages, such as cannons, mortars, bombs, eagle artillery, and teslas. You can discover gold mines and storage to acquire and store gold and nectar in these villages. This gold can be used to upgrade defences and town halls. Also, by building dark elixir drills and storage, you can earn the dark elixir.

Troops and Spells:

Clash of Clans offers two different barracks and spell factories. Barracks develop troops using elixir, whereas dark barracks develop troops using dark elixir. On the other hand, the spelling factory follows the same pattern, where a common spell factory uses an elixir to make spells using the elixir and a dark spell factory. Besides, you can unlock new troops and spell by winning new missions.

Clans and Clan Wars:

Clans are groups of players who can participate together to assist each other. On the other hand, Clan Wars is where two clanmates can face a friendly challenge. The clan leaders and co-leaders start the challenge and fight seven clans against each other to advance to the successive league to win the Clans League stars. Most stars will be promoted to the higher league, and the least will be demoted to the lower league.

Builder Base:

Clash of Clans has a Builder Base mode that enables one to travel to a new island to build a new village with another set of buildings. In this mode, you can attack other bases simultaneously and win rewards like gold, elixir, and trophies. Besides, you can use your gems to speed up your gameplay. This way, the base will be introduced faster with the clock tower and gem mine.

Clan Games and Magic Items:

This strategy game has Clan Games mode, where your clan members can work together to complete tasks, and you can earn points. Once enough points are collected, a new reward level begins, and players can get rewards from each revealed level. This update also features magic items rewarded through Clan games and events.

How to Download & Install Clash of Clans for Mac

The Clash of Clans game is designed and developed for Android and iOS platforms. The Mac version of this game is yet to be released. Then how can you get this app? Well, an Android emulator is the way to download this game. An emulator helps you to run any apps on your Mac. You will find numerous android emulators on the internet. Below are some widely used emulators that meet your requirement to run this game.

  • BlueStacks
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu Player
  • Remix OS Player
  • ARChon Player

All the emulators we listed have gained immense popularity for their easy-to-use interface and superb performance. Below we have shown how you can download the Clash of Clans app for Mac through the Nox Player.

Download Clash of Clans for Mac With Nox Player

Nox Player is a famous emulator that enables you to use any Android app on your Mac, easily. It has complete control customization where you can configure your keyboard to control apps intuitively. Follow the steps to get the Clash of Clans app for a Mac through this emulator.

  • First, launch your preferred web browser and visit the official site of Nox Player. Download the latest Mac version.
download nox emulator for mac
  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file and install it on your Mac. This installation will take a little time to complete.
install nox player for Clash of Clans for Mac
  • After installation, launch the emulator and find the Play Store app on the Nox Player Home Screen.
go to play store to download Clash of Clans for Mac
  • Click on the Play Store icon and enrol with your Gmail account to access it.
login with google account
search for Clash of Clans for Mac on play store
  • Select the right app from search results and click on the install button.
how to download and install Clash of Clans for Mac
  • Once the installation is complete, the game becomes visible on the Nox Player’s home screen.

Alternative to Clash of Clans

In this section, we have described one of the excellent alternatives to Clash of Clans. Check this game, and you may find it as interesting as the Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is a great strategy game that combines different collectable tower defence, card games, and multiple online battlefield elements. This game features 1v1 and 2v2 players whose target is destroying the most opposite towers. The challenge winners get chests to reveal rewards, powerful new cards, and upgrade existing ones. In addition, you can win big rewards by taking daily and weekly Quests. Hence, you can download Clash Royale as an excellent alternative to Clash of Clans to fulfil your gaming needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have assembled some frequently asked questions from Clash of Clans users. If you have any queries about this game, check this. These explanations will help you solve your queries.

Is Clash of Clans Safe for Children?

Clash of Clans is safe for children with some adult supervision. This game is rated for 10+ users, but the terms of use require users 13 years or older.

Can I Play Clash of Clans Without the Internet?

Unfortunately, No. Clash of Clans is a multiple online game and needs real-time data syncing between server and player. Hence it is not possible to play this game without the internet.

Can I Use One Clash of Clans Account on Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can play one Clash of Clans account on multiple devices by connecting your device with the same Google account on any device.


Millions of players are loyal to Clash of Clans for its excellent features and game mode. In this game, you will be able to discover a completely different world by fighting with glory against other soldiers. This game makes it possible to play against different clans around the globe. However, you can access different weapons to test your battle strategy skills and experiment with a combination of magic spells and troops.

In addition, this game combines multiple upgrades that will challenge you in every place. So, if you want to play this game, follow the guideline to download Clash of Clans for Mac. If you have difficulty getting this game, write to us in the comment box.

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