CamHi for Mac 2022 – Free To Download & Install On Mac!

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CamHi is a network monitoring camera app that allows users to view live footage from their CCTV cameras. It enables you to see what is happening right now or go back in time to a prior incident that your camera captured.

This app manages the videos of your security cameras smoothly together with DVR and IPC features. Taking photos from the videos is an effortless task when the videos are playing, and you can save them on your phone memory.

what is CamHi for Mac

Though this app is designed for mobile phones, thankfully, there is a safe and simple way to get it onto your MacBook. To download Camhi for Mac, you need an emulator app. To get the entire procedure, follow the rest of the article.

Short Overview of CamHi app

overview of CamHi for Mac

CamHi is a helpful app that allows you to view the live footage from your cameras on your device. It gives you the choice of streaming the security feed from your camera to your Android mobile. This app includes playback control, network administration, PTZ control, and more for controlling your CCTV cameras.

Franck offered this app that was released to the Play Store in May 2015 in the tool category. The recent version of this app is 7.0.0, which was last updated on  August 3, 2021.

Within 6 years, the CamHi app has been installed More than one million times from the Play Store. The average rating of the CamHi app is 3.6, with over 15,000 reviews on Google Store.

CamHi App Details [Ins and Out]

When you decide to download the CamHi app, look at these technical details. Here you’ll get all the info that helps you find the app from Play Store.

App’s NameCamHi
File Size 16M
Current Version7.0.0
Last Updated August 3, 2021
Required Android 4.4W and up
Content rating Rated for 3+
Avg. Rating 3.6
Languages 15 languages, including English
Offered ByFranck
Official Website

Notable Features of CamHi App

The CamHi app is full of notable features that help the users to the utmost. Check them out-

Real-Time Viewability:

Being able to watch what’s going on in front of your security camera in real-time is a fantastic benefit. This is useful if you’re abroad and need to know what’s going on at your office or home.You can use it to observe who is knocking on your door, keep an eye on your house’s entryways.

Photo Taking Features:

Camhi has the capability to take pictures of live video footage. This can be used to identify individuals, animals, license plates, and other things. You’ll be able to view the item or person you want to take a screenshot of when you use Camhi on your device.  

PTZ Control:

PTZ controls allow your CCTV cameras to swivel left to right, tilt up and down along with zoom in and out. Your camera must be capable of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) to enjoy these facilities. Having the ability to pan, tilt, or zoom allows you to view things, people, or locations out of the frame or too far away.

Video Playback via SD Card:

Camhi also offers the option to playback prior footage and store it on your phone’s SD card, which is a fantastic feature. You don’t need any internet connection to watch that footage. This is useful if you need to review footage from a prior date or see anything significant on the tape that you’d like to keep for a later review.

Time Zone Synchronization:

Camhi synchronizes the time on the clip with the time on your phone. This is useful if you observe something on the video that requires a timestamp or if you want to examine footage at different times of the day.

How to Download and Install CamHi for Mac?

To download the CamHi app for macOS, you’ll need an Android emulator first. There are several emulators that you can choose to use. Still, the most user-friendly emulators are Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu, ARCHon, and Remix OS.

Android emulators allow Mac and Windows users to run Android apps on both operating systems. In this part, we’ll show you how to download Camhi for Mac using the Nox Player emulator.

Download and Install CamHi for Mac Using Nox Player Emulator

Here we’ll demonstrate the download procedure that will help you to get the CamHi app. Follow the steps to install the CamHi for mac using Nox Player.

Step 1: Navigate to the Nox Players official site and download the mac version of it.

How to Download and Install CamHi for Mac using nox

Step 2: Install the Nox Player emulator on your device now and then launch it.

How to Install CamHi for Mac using nox

Step 3: Now go to the Google store and provide your Google account information to log in.

search to Download and Install CamHi for Mac using nox

Step 4: On the search box, type the camhi app.

search to Download and Install CamHi for Mac

Step 5: From the search results, open the app and tap on the Install button.

How to Download and Install CamHi for Mac

Now, wait until the CamHi app is installed on your Mac. Then open the app and connect it with your cameras.

How To Connect Camera With CamHi App?

To connect your security camera with the CamHi app is quite simple, and there are many ways to do that. Here is the process we’ve mentioned, have a look-

  • First, open the CamHi app on your device and tap the “+” option from the camera tab.
  • Provide your Camera Info on the Add Camera page. Or you can scan the QR code to add the camera info.
  • To integrate the cameras, you can select the easiest way from the two options.  The first one is “Search camera from LAN,” and the second one is “Wireless Installation.”

You can manually provide the information to link the cameras if you know the camera information, such as the UID number. If you want to do the QR code installation, select it and hold your phone steady to read the code. Once the QR code has been identified, enter the needed information and finish the setup.

Alternative apps to CamHi for Mac

Alternative apps to CamHi for Mac

Here we’ll show two alternative apps to the CamHi app. Hope both of them will provide the same service as CamHi does.

Q See:

Q See App is required for remote monitoring of QT-series security IP cameras and DVRs. It has various features that allow you to see real-time live video from any time and location.

It allows remote mounting of security cameras and DVRs from the QT-series security. QT-series security offers the finest service and monitoring flexibility.

The Q See App allows you to check on your home and loved ones at any time and from any location. It will also email you if something happens near your cameras, in addition to remote surveillance.


BVCam is a free app that allows you to see live security footage. This fantastic tool will enable you to record a whole event, as well as take screenshots and replay.

It allows you to monitor and safeguard your home and surroundings using IP cameras. This surveillance tool also enables you to take screenshots from the video. After you’ve taken the screenshots, they’ll all be stored in your device’s storage.

BVCam App can record at 30 frames per second (FPS), which is referred to as “real-time” recording. You can use this app to connect and operate all of your security cameras from your mobile, as well as remotely monitor IP cameras.

Wrapping Up

Like other surveillance cameras, CamHi also supports an alert and notification system. It will automatically detect motions and the audio from the cam video. Overall, CamHi is an application that allows users to operate numerous security cameras at the same time via an internet connection. However, CamHi is available only on Android and iOS devices, and that’s why it’s a bit confusing to have it on your MacBook. In the above section, we’ve presented how to download camhi for mac with ease. From now, you can download it without any difficulties.

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