Blink App for Mac: Installing Process through Emulator In 2022

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To keep an eye on your home, office, or business, security cameras are necessary. No matter where you are from, you can monitor those cameras from your smart devices with an app.

Blink app is a type of application that aids you to monitor your Blink’s camera from anywhere. With just a trouble-free setup and multi-system support, you can control blink’s multiple cameras at once with the app.

Install the Blink app on your device to inspect what is occurring at your home. This app connects your home, office, or business to your device in High-Resolution video.  On account of this, you’ll be up to the shield that matter most to you.

From motion detection to video recording, you’ll get everything on the app that is necessary to ensure your home security robustly.

However, this article is all about downloading the Blink App for Mac along with its complete review. So if you are interested in having the app, we suggest you read out the text cautiously first.

Blink App’s Basic Details

Immedia Semiconductor developed the Blink Smart Home Security App that was probably released in 2017. Within these 4 years, about 1 million users have downloaded the app due to its features that are powerful. Depending on its nearly 25 thousands reviews, this app’s average rating is 3.9. Apart from that, it supports 5 different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian & German.

Blink App’s Basic Details

Additional Information: That is Necessary to Know

Knowing the specifications of any app is important to find out the original one from the app store. On top of that, the specifications of an app let you know whether it will support your device or not. Keeping that on our mind, a chart we have included below where we have indexed some core specifications of the Blink app.

App’s NameBlink Home Monitor — Smart Home Security App
Last Updated May 11, 2021
Current Version 6.4.1
Requires Android5.0 and up
Offered ByImmedia Semiconductor
Age Rating 4+
Official Website

Prominent Features of Blink App

There are a remarkable number of camera monitoring apps available. But why should you choose the Blink App rather than others? This question may come to your subconscious mind, doesn’t it? Well, It holds lots of vital features that will surely inspire you to have the Blink app for Mac. So, without any further fuss, let’s move to the object.

Prominent Features of Blink App

High-Definition Live Streaming:

You can view the live streaming of your camera surveillance with HD resolution through the app. Consequently, you’ll be up to identify the things that detect on your Cameras and can take action instantly. All you need to do is connect the cameras to the app.

Two-Way Audio:

Two-way Audio is one of the prominent features of the app that allows you to send & receive audio within IP Cameras.  But for that, you have to ensure that your camera offers two-way audio or not. If the camera supports two-way audio, then you must include an external microphone in your device. Through the two-way audio function, you can talk to people who are in the range of Cameras from anywhere.

Motion Detector:

Blink supports a motion detector feature that generally works with a motion sensor. The apps that support motion detectors send notifications instantly on your device or mobile number whenever they detect some motion under the security cameras.  Blink has used the advanced algorithm of Motion detection.

Record & SnapShots:

With the help of the camera monitoring app, you’ll be up to record the live stream videos from your security camera. In addition, you can store the recorded file on both internal & External storage. Apart from that, you can take video snapshots from the live view instead of storing the large video files that grab the huge space of your hard drive.

Night Vision:

What is a Night Vision on a Security Camera? Well, IP cameras that belong to Night Vision features are able to monitor your home or business even in dark environments. The Blink app supports the Night vision features and enables you to see the live videos on deep dark nights.

How to Have Blink App for Mac?

You may don’t know how to download the Blink App for Mac. By executing two different ways, you can use it on your Mac. The first one is with an emulator’s help that is intermediary software. Android emulator allies an Android screen on Windows /Mac  & enables the download of any applications that are only coded for Android Operating System.

How to Have Blink App for Mac

Now a question may come to your mind: which emulator should be picked up, right? Well, as there are a remarkable number of Emulators, it is a bit challenging to select the best one. To get you rid of this troublesome situation, we have come up with some Android emulators that are reliable to use.  Those emulators are…

  1. Bluestacks Emulator
  2. Nox Player
  3. MEmu Emulator
  4. Remix OS Player Emulator
  5. ARChon Emulator

Run Blink on Your Mac with Emulator

Blink App Download for Mac with emulators is not as complicated as you think. To show the download procedure, here we have selected the Bluestacks emulator as it is easy to use. If you intend to have the Blink app on your Mac, follow the steps below.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is download and install the Bluestacks emulator from its official website.

Run Blink on Your Mac with Emulator

Step 2: Run the downloaded Bluestacks on your Macbook and select the Google Play Store from the Homepage.

Run Blink on Your Mac with Emulator

Step 3: You’ll ask for signing into the Google Play Store to have access to download Android apps.

Run Blink on Your Mac with Emulator

Step 4: Search “Blink App” on the Play store search bar and press enter to get search results.

Run Blink on Your Mac with Emulator

Step 5: Select the Blink app and then you’ll see the ‘Install” option beside the app. Click on it and the app will be downloaded & Installed automatically.

Download & Install Blink App from the Mac App Store

Blink App Download for macOS from the Mac App Store is easier than downloading it with an emulator. By taking some effective steps, you can get it on your Mac without confronting any complications. So, let’s check them out below.

Download & Install Blink App from the Mac App Store
  1. Run App Store of Your MacBook
  2. Provide Apple ID to Log in (Avoid the steps if you are already logged in)
  3. Search “Blink App” on the search bar
  4. Press on the “Get” option

Similar to Blink Apps for Mac

There are many more people who would like to use alternatives to the Blink app. But they don’t know what will be the best one to use as an alternative app. If you are one of them, then this section is for you where we have come up with 2 different camera monitoring apps.

Wisenet SmartCam+:

This smart home monitoring camera app can be used as an alternative to the Blink app. Connecting your cameras to the app, you’ll be able to be notified that your camera detects and noises your home.

This app is applicable with multiple devices including SNH-C6417BN and SNH-V6435DN, SmartCam N2(SNH-P6416BN),  SNH-V6431BN, and more.

This application holds “ Receive Events Alarm” features that remind you about upcoming events near you. Aside from that,  Two-Way Communication” is also available on this app.

Samsung SmartCam:

This application is mainly applicable to Hanwha Techwin’s home monitoring product that lets you view the live video from anywhere. Like the Wisenet monitoring app, it has Two-Way Communication too.

This app is compatible with various devices such as NH-V6414BN,  SNH-V6414BN,  SNH-V6410PN, SNH-1010N, and so on. Apart from that, the supported format of the app is H-264.

The good thing about the app is, you can monitor your cameras from your devices with a 3G network as well. Audio playback is another remarkable feature that has been included in the Samsung SmartCam monitoring App.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Question]

We have provided answers to some questions below that are usually asked by users. You can check the answers to those queries that may help you solve problems related to the Blink App.

Can You View Blink Cameras on a Computer?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view Blink Cameras Live on a computer as the application is not supported on the Computer. In that case, you can have the Blink app on your computer first with an emulator then you can view Blink Cameras.

How to Connect a Blink Camera to Blink App?

Connecting Blink Camera to Blink app is simple just track down the steps below as we mentioned.

  • Open the Blink App on your device
  • Press on the “+” from the right side above
  • Select the “Blink Wireless Camera” or “Mini Camera” option
  • Provide the camera’s serial number
  • You’ll see a pop-up message “ Camera Added Successfully”

Why Is My Blink App Not Working?

This problem has been confronted by many more users now. This can happen for several reasons including system faults. To fix the problem, sign out first and then sign in again. After that, restart your phone manually and then add cameras following the above steps.

Final Opinion

It goes without saying that Blink works best as a smart camera monitoring app. Using the application, you can always keep an eye on your valuable things at home or in the office from everywhere. This app has some powerful features like a motion detector, two-way audio support that make it more acceptable to the users.

However, throughout the context, we have tried to provide an entire review of Blink along with the download procedure of the Blink app for Mac. These procedures can be executed to have it on the Mac operating system.

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