Download ARChon Emulator for mac (2022 Version) On Your Mac

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ARChon Emulator is one of the best emulators for your mac. It comes with lots of benefits and features and it is the official emulator for the chrome browser. That means it comes with no risk at all. This emulator allows you to run any android application and play any android games on your Mac.

With this emulator, you can fulfill your wish to play android games and enjoy using android apps on your Mac. Also, using this emulator allows you to use all the android features on a big screen.

Features of ARChon Android Emulator

Here are some of the main features ARChon Android Emulator offers that will encourage you to download the emulator on your Mac.

ARChon Emulator for mac


Unlike most apps, this one is lightweight. It doesn’t consume a lot of space and as a result, your pc will not hang or slow down while using this emulator.

No risk

It comes with no risk, being the emulator officially recognised by the chrome browser. There was no official emulator for android until this one came into the market.

Support in any operating system

Another good feature of this emulator is that it supports any operating system. That means it doesn’t matter if you are using mac or windows, it will work on both.

Up to date

One common problem with emulators is using updated software and apps. However, this one is always up to date and supports the latest android version.

Support all android apps

This emulator allows you to run any supported android applications on your Mac.

ARChon Android Emulator System Requirements For Mac

You know the features of this emulator. But do you know the system requirements for your PC for this emulator? Well, here are the requirements you need to have to run this emulator on your Mac.

  • Your RAM Memory has to be a minimum of 512 MB. If you have more, that will be better.
  • The Graphics Card should be at least NVIDIA GeForce 6200 to run this emulator smoothly.
  • Since this is a chrome emulator, you need to have the chrome browser installed on your Mac.
  • The CPU of your PC has to be Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz minimum; the more, the better.
  • This emulator can be used in any operating system above OS Win XP. However, you need to install the .NET framework.

How to Download ARChon Android for Mac OS X

Downloading ARChon Android Emulator is easier than you think. If you have basic knowledge of computers, you can install this emulator without any problem. So here is the process of downloading and installing the emulator.

ARChon Emulator for mac
  • After downloading the zip file, unzip it. You can use any of these unzip software such as Win-zip, 7-zip, or any other built-in unzip software to unzip it. However, make sure you use the same folder to save the files. It will help you find the app later.
ARChon Emulator for mac
  • Open your Google Chrome browser. As we already mentioned, you need a chrome browser to run this emulator. You will see three dots on the right top corner. Click on it and navigate to “More tools” and then, “Extensions”.
ARChon Emulator for mac
  • A new window will popup. On the top right corner, you will find an option named “Developer mode”. Click on it and will open a window where you will find an option named ‘Load unpacked extension’.
ARChon Emulator for mac
  • Now click there and navigate to the folder where you saved the ARChon unzip file. Then, select the file and click “ok” to upload the file.

How To Play ARChon Android Games On Your PC

After downloading the emulator, it is time to play the game. But how can you play the game? Well, here is a simple process similar to the process of installing the ARChon emulator.

  • First, you need to download the apk file of the app and install it on your pc. Then, unzip and extract the file as you did when installing the emulator.
  • Now open your chrome browser and go to your extension option. Click load unpack extension from the developer mode. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your apk file.
ARChon Emulator for mac


People have had this wish for a long time to run an official emulator with no risk. ARChon emulator fulfills that wish and now you can officially use this emulator to run any android applications on your Mac.

When you will use this emulator on your mac, you will have larger screen to enjoy games and other applications. At the same time, you can do other tasks on your mac too. So overall, this can bring you more convenient and fun to enjoy the android experience on your mac.

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