Apex Legends For Mac – How to Download

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Since the game Apex Legends was released, it immediately became a favorite among gaming enthusiasts. Gamers can easily enjoy Apex Legends on Windows, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Nintendo Switch, etc. 

It is great news for many but not for Mac users. Downloading and playing Apex Legends on Macbook isn’t as simple as installing it on any other device. If you have already tried installing it on your Mac but failed to do so, you are at the right place. 

In this article, We’ll take you through a complete guide to downloading Apex Legends on Mac; hence keep reading till you find them all. 

How To Download & Play Apex Legends For Mac

Is Apex Legends Available For Mac? 

Apex Legends isn’t available for Mac. The game does not support macOS, and the makers have no intention of releasing a Mac version anytime soon. It does not mean Mac users are without any options. 

Before we talk about how you can play Apex Legends on Mac, there are some additional factors to consider. We all know that Macbook does not come with excellent graphic performance compared to other gaming laptops in the same price range. 

FPS games like Apex Legends require some excellent graphics to let you enjoy them to the fullest. Therefore, to make your Mac compatible with such games, you should get an external GPU and a cooling pad to allow your Mac to deliver similar performance to a gaming laptop. 

Now let’s get to the topic. 

How To Play Apex Legends On Mac? 

Since Apex Legends isn’t available on Mac, we have figured out alternative ways to make it work on your Macbook. But to be able to play the game on your PC, you have to ensure your Mac has these features- 

Device MacBook Pro from mid 2012 onwards, iMac from 2010 onwards, or the latest M1 Macs. 
System requirements Updated to the latest macOS, which supports Boot Camp assistant. 
Processor Intel core i3 or equivalent, AMD FX 4350 or equivalent.
Memory Minimum 6GB RAM  (recommended 8GB)
Direct XVersion 11
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce® GT 640 or equivalent, AMD Radeon™  HD7730
Storage 56 GB or more 
Network High-speed internet connection 
Operating system 64-bit processor and operating system 
OS 64-bit Windows 7, 10, or 11 

Method 1: By Installing Windows On Mac

Installing Windows on your Mac is one of the most convenient ways of playing Apex Legends on Mac. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to install Windows on Mac- 

  1. To install Windows on your Mac, you’ll need a utility tool called Boot Camp. Download the official Windows 10 official ISO file from the official Microsoft website.

 2.While the ISO file is getting downloaded, get a USB stick with at least 5GB of free space since you need to turn the file into a boot drive.

3.Once the file gets downloaded, you need to launch Boot Camp Assistant. You can do this through a quick spotlight search, pressing the CMD and space button, and typing the name.

4.The boot assistant will show a pop-up asking whether you want to install the Windows-supported software for Apple, and you have to click on yes, and then you have to click on install Windows.

5.Another pop-up will appear asking you to locate the ISO file you downloaded.

6.Choose the drive carefully as your Macbook will use it as a boot drive to set up Windows 10. You may not need an additional USB stick if you have a new Macbook with enough hard drive space.

7.Now you’ve to decide how much space you want to allow Windows to use. We would recommend sparing at least 80GB of space.

8.Once the Boot Camp assistant finishes the process, the Windows setup will guide you to complete the installation.

9.Once the Windows installation completes, you can download Apex Legends on your Macbook like you would do on any general PC and start playing the game.

Method 2: Through Cloud Gaming (GeForce)

Another way to play Apex Legends on Mac is through Cloud Gaming. For that, you first have to install the game in cloud gaming. You can install the game through Steam or Origin since these are compatible with cloud gaming services like GeForce and Boosteroid. 

In the next step, you need to register and add Apex Legends to Boosteroid. Through this, you can add the game to the cloud gaming library and start playing the game from your Mac. 

Playing games that do not run on Mac through cloud gaming like GeForce has become quite a thing. Apex Legends is technically not running on your Macbook. You just control the game from your Mac while it’s being played on a Windows PC. 

You can play Apex Legends on GeForce for free, but each session only allows you to play the game for one hour. Plus, you have to wait in queue before you get to play the game. But it has a system of paid subscriptions as well. If you take that, you no longer have to wait in the queue, plus you can play for as long as you want. 

Here are the steps you’ve to follow to play Apex Legends on Mac using GeForce- 

  1. First, you need to create a Steam account. Then open the GeForce Now website and register there as well.
  2. Next, tap on the Play Now, and select a plan. 

3.You can go for the free plan subscription, to begin with, and see how the process works. If you like playing, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

4.Next, open the email that you used for registration and verify it. Now you need to go back to GeForce New’s starting page and log in with your new credentials.

5.Now go to GeForce Now and click on download apps.

6.Now download and install the GeForce Now for macOS.

7.Drag the GeForce icon in the application folder and install the app. There might be a pop-up saying the program may not be safe since it’s downloaded from an unknown source, then you have to click on Confirm and Want to Proceed Anyway. 

8.After the installation gets completed, you can open the app by going to Finder,clicking on Applications, and then starting GeForce Now and log in with your account. 

9.After opening the app, click on the search bar and enter Apex Legends and click on the game’s icon.

10.Select Steam and click on Play. Now you’ve to wait in the queue till your turn comes.

Method 3: By Using Sony Playback Remote Or Similar

If you own a device that supports Apex Legends, you can use the supported streaming services to play the game on other devices. For example, PlayStation allows its users to play games on other devices that support the Sony Playback remote. 

If you, too, have a PlayStation, you can play Apex Legends on Mac by installing a Remote Play Programme on your Macbook. Once you download and set up Remote Play on your Mac, complete the entire procedure by following these steps on your PlayStation- 

  1. Go to the settings tab in PlayStation and find the option saying Remote Play Connection Setting. 
  2. Click here and find another tab that says Enable Remote Play. 
  3. Now go to settings> account management> activate as your primary PS4 to activate the system as your primary console. 
  4. Connect the console to your Macbook using a USB or via Bluetooth and launch the PS4 Remote Play app you installed on your Mac
  5. Click on start and sign in with your PlayStation account, and now you can start streaming Apex Legend on your Mac. 


Does Steam Work On Mac?

Yes, Steam works on Mac. It supports Intel Mac, OS X Version 10.11 or later.

Is Macbook A Good Gaming Laptop?

The MacBook isn’t considered a good gaming laptop; it lacks the graphics required to play high-performance games like Apex Legends.

Is Boot Camp For Mac Safe?

Boot Camp for Mac is safe, but your Macbook should have a decent antivirus since you will be running things on the Mac which are not designed for it.


Although Apex Legends isn’t available for macOS yet, mentioned above are ways in which you can play the game uninterrupted. Hopefully, the guide was useful, and now you can enjoy playing it on your Macbook. 

Setting up the game using any of the mentioned methods might require time and patience, but it’s all worth the hard work when you play this FPS game without any hindrance. 

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