Animal Crossing For Mac: How to Download and Play

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Launched in 2001, Animal Crossing continues to be the most popular game among video game lovers. When the game begins, the players land on a deserted island and have to accomplish the assigned tasks. As and when they progress in Animal Crossing, they can develop the island as they like. 

Nintendo, the launcher of Animal Crossing, had made the game accessible for Android and Windows users, but the application is yet not available for Mac. So is there any other way to play Animal Crossing on Mac? 

Yes, you can download the game on your Mac through an emulator. In this article, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on downloading the game on Mac and playing it uninterrupted. So keep reading till the end. 

Animal Crossing For Mac: How to Download and Play

How to Download Animal Crossing on Mac: A step-by-step Guide

To download Animal Crossing, first, you have to download an emulator. I recommend downloading the Citra emulator. Through it, you can download Animal Crossing hassle-free and play the game. Here are the steps you need to follow to download the game. 

Step 1: Download the Citra emulator by clicking here-

Citra emulator

Step 2: Open the file and install it by accepting the license and clicking on install. 

Step 3: You have to accept the license and click on install. Once you do that, Citra will be installed on your Mac. 

Step 4: Now you can download the Animal Crossing zip from:

Step 5: Since the downloaded file is in zip format, you have to unzip it using Unarchiver. Click on this link to install Unarchiver:

Step 6: Open Unarchiver once the installation gets complete. You’ll see the file association list there. You’ll see the Animal Crossing zip file there as well. 

Step 7: Drag the Unarchiver icon to the folder icon to unzip the Animal Crossing file. 

Step 8: Now open the Citra emulator and click on add new game directory  

Step 9: Double click on the Animal Crossing app, and you can play the game within the emulator.

Is It Safe To Download An Emulator And Play Animal Crossing On Mac?

Yes, it is safe to download an emulator and play Animal Crossing. But you should only download a trusted Nintendo emulator like Citra. Some emulators from unauthentic websites may contain viruses and other malware so you should avoid downloading them. 

How To Play Animal Crossing On Mac? Helpful Tips 

Playing Animal Crossing through the emulator can be a little challenging, especially if you are a newbie. The intricate detailing of the game requires careful attention and some skills. Here are some tips you must know while playing the game on your Macbook. 

Be Careful While Choosing Your Starting Map 

When you start Animal Crossing, you’ll get the option to choose among four different maps. You should go for a map with large open areas next to the sea. Such areas are not easily accessible by your opponents, and you will get plenty of resources to build your tools gradually. 

Choose A Nice Spot To MakeYour Tent 

You’ll get a tent with basic supplies once you reach your island. Your job is to find a suitable spot to place the tent. This tent will ultimately become your house, so you have to find spacious land so that you can expand your home and garden eventually. 

Optimize Your Inventory 

Use NookStop and Nook Miles to unlock the maximum inventory capacity of forty item slots. It’ll help you get the most room in your pockets. 

Move Carefully 

If you press B while moving, it makes you run. It can damage freshly planted flowers, plus it’ll also scare off fish and bugs. Hence, press A while moving with a net in hand so that you can sneak out easily. 

Use Fruits To Get Superpowers 

You can use fruits to get superpowers in Animal Crossing. Once your fruit-eating powers are activated, you can use your shovel to dig up a tree. With this power activated, you no longer have to waste time chopping up the big trees. 

Collect Everything 

In Animal Crossing, you have to pay back a loan for your relocation and tent. Once you complete that loan, you have to pay another one for your first home. To pay the loans, you have to collect enough Nook Miles, the game’s currency. 

You are awarded currency for every action you perform in the game. Even minor activities like collecting and picking weed can earn you Nook Miles. Therefore, make sure you collect everything in the game to earn as much money as possible. 


Is Animal Crossing free on Mac?

Animal Crossing isn’t yet available for Mac, but you can download it using an emulator, which is available for free.

Can you play Animal Crossing on Mac without an emulator?

No, you can’t play Animal Crossing on Mac without an emulator. The game is not available for Mac, so you can’t download it without using an emulator.

Why is the video and audio quality poor when playing Animal Crossing on Mac?

The audio and video quality is poor when playing Animal Crossing on Mac because you are playing the game through an emulator.


Hopefully, you found your answer to how to download and play Animal Crossing on Mac. The only way to play Animal Crossing on Mac is by using an emulator like Citra. I have mentioned all the steps of downloading and setting up the game through Citra; hopefully, these were handy. 

Let me know if you’re facing further issues downloading Animal Crossing on your Mac in the comments. I’ll take notes and come up with a new post at the earliest. 

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