AllShare Cast For Mac: Download Guide

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You cannot deny that watching your favorite movies or shows on the big TV screen while curling up in your bed or couch is better than watching them on your laptop. So why strain your eyes when you have the option to mirror your PC to the bigger screen? 

This is where the AllShare Cast comes into the picture. It’s a screen mirroring Android app using which you can wirelessly display the Android screen on your Smart TV. 

While Windows and Android users don’t have to bother much about mirroring their PC to a smart TV, it is not true for Mac users. Mirroring Mac to your smart TV using AllShare Cast seems like a task. But fret not!

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to mirror your Mac screen to a smart TV with an extensive guide. Hence, continue reading to learn everything about the same. 

How To Use AllShare Cast For Mac: A Complete Guide

What Is AllShare Cast? How To Use It On Mac? 

AllShare Cast is a screen mirroring app that scans your phone, tab, or PC’s screen and displays it on a bigger screen like a smart TV. Using the app, you can not only watch shows or movies but can also play video games, transfer photos, and much more by connecting your TV to a WiFi network, just like your smartphone.  

Version 1.0
Launched on October 18, 2019
Operating system Android 
System requirements Android 4.1 and up 

Unfortunately, AllShare Cast isn’t available for Mac. This is an Android app that isn’t compatible with your Macbook. However, other screen mirroring apps work perfectly well with your Mac, and you can mirror your Mac screen with them. 

We have mentioned the three most popular screen mirroring tools for Mac in the following section, so let’s have a look. 

How To Mirror Mac To A Smart TV Through Different Tools 

Since you cannot use AllCast on your Mac, here are the three best substitutes for the same. We’ll tell you how you can cast your Mac to your smart TV in detail, so let’s continue- 

  1. Through JustStream 

JustStream is an excellent screen mirror tool compatible with Macbook. Using JustStream, you can mirror almost all types of content to any smart TV or any other external screen. You don’t need additional tools or equipment or specific configurations to use JustStream. 

All you’ve to do is add the files you want to see in the app and wait for them to show in available networks. The app supports AirPlay, AirPlay2, and DLNA, and it supports all types of audio, video, image, and more. 

Here is how you can mirror Mac using JustPlay- 

  • Install JustPlay on your Mac and open the app. 
  • Select the monitor you want to mirror, as shown below
mirror Mac using JustPlay
  • Next, you have to select the device where you want to mirror your Mac screen. You’ll find options like this-
Through MirrorMeister App
  • You can click on start streaming and start mirroring or you can double click on the desired device, open a context menu, and tap on start mirroring. Once done, you can tap on the stop streaming button to stop mirroring.  

2.Through MirrorMeister App

MirrorMeister is another app like JustPlay that you can use to mirror your Mac’s screen. It works with most smart TVs and other external devices, so mirroring your just Mac got easier. Follow the steps mentioned below to mirror Mac via MirrorMeister-

MirrorMeister on your Mac
  • Install MirrorMeister on your Mac. 
  • Ensure that your Mac and the device where you’ll mirror your screen are connected to the same network. 
  • As you launch Mirror and click on search for TVs. 
  • Once you see the TV on your screen, select it and click on start mirroring. 

Then press on start broadcast to start mirroring your Mac on the selected smart TV, and that’s it.

3.Through AirPlay

AirPlay is another great substitute for AllShare Cast, using which you can stream videos, photos, or music to your apple TV or any smart TV. You don’t need any external devices to use AirPlay, but your Macbook has to be compatible with AirPlay for it to work seamlessly. 

But that should not be a concern since all Mac Pros, Mac minis, and Macbooks are compatible with AirPlay 2. To mirror your screen via AirPlay, you have to ensure that both devices: Mac and the TV, are connected to the same WiFi network. 

Here is how you can mirror Mac using AirPlay- 

  • Click on the AirPlay icon and select the device you want to mirror your screen into. 
  • As soon as you do it, your PC’s screen will appear on the TV. You can now watch any video and see images or play music on the big screen.  

4.HDMI Mirroring

HDMI mirroring can be your last resort if none of the above mentioned screen mirroring options works for you. It’s not a wireless screen mirroring technique, but it’s pretty efficient and simple. To mirror your Mac to any smart Tv via HDMI mirroring, you simply need to- 

  • Connect your Macbook to the TV using a cable 
  • Select the source input 
  • Select Display Preferences on your Macbook, and that’s it. 


Is MirrorMeister Available For Free?

Yes, MirrorMeister is a free screen mirroring app that works perfectly with Macbooks, iPhones, and iPad.

Can I Cast My Macbook On Samsung Tv?

Yes, you can easily cast your Macbook on Samsung TV using screen mirroring apps like- JustStream, AirPlay, and MirrorMeister.

How Do I Launch AllShare Cast On Mac?

AllShare Cast does not work on Macbook, so you have to opt for substitutes.

Why Is AirPlay Not Working On My Smart Tv?

Check whether both the devices are connected to the same network or not. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your Mac and the smart TV. Also, you have to ensure that both the devices have the most recent updates.


AllShare Cast for Mac isn’t available, but there are lots of other similar substitutes using which you can mirror Mac to any smart TV. 

We have mentioned the three most efficient and easiest screen mirroring apps compatible with your Macbook, along with a guide on how you can use them.

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