Air Free Download for mac – How To Install On Windows 7/8/10

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Adobe Air is a cross-platform runtime system with which you can build desktop and mobile applications. This app is known as Adobe Integrated Runtime and the codename for Adobe Air is Apollo. You can now build and deploy Flex, ActionScript, and HTML-based content using the Adobe AIR.

This app supports all of these technologies equally, so you can use your existing tools to create web apps in the browser. Clipboard and drag-and-drop support, local file IO, system notification, and other features are available in Adobe AIR apps.

Air Free Download for Mac is super easy as this app is available in the Mac Store. In this article, we’ll show two different ways to get Adobe Air App for Mac.Air Free Download for mac

Short Overview of Air Free app

Adobe’s AIR technology has enabled developers all around the world to produce some of the most beautiful apps and games on the internet today. It’s a free and powerful app developed by the Automation tools List and released on 13 March 2008.Overview of Air Free app

Adobe Systems Incorporated is the company that creates Adobe Air. This app was last updated on July 21, 2021, by its developers and the recent version of it is Though English-language is available for this Automation Tools software, there are 12 more languages available too.

The following operating systems are supported by Adobe Air: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. Still now over 5oo million devices have downloaded this app.

Technical specifications of Air Free App

Before downloading the Air Free app you have to know all the technical specifications about the Air Free App. Under the table, you’ll find them in detail.

App’s Name Adobe Air
File Size 21.7 MB
Current Version
Last Updated July 21, 2021
Required Android Android 4.0+
Category Automation tools
License Freeware
Languages 13 different languages
Offered By Adobe
Official Website

What Makes Air Free App So Special?

Adobe Air is a special solution for cross-platform deployment for all users. Here are some details we’ll mention that makes this app so special to others.features of adobe air free app


Adobe Air offers a number of extra tools that can assist you in creating better cross-platform programs. You can do this by utilizing advanced visual tools, and including extensions to expand AIR’s capabilities. This allows developers to bundle AIR with their programs so that users don’t need to download AIR individually.

Multiple File Support:

Users will be pleased to learn that the default program linked with the file can open a number of file types. You can open files with the extensions PPT, MP3, DOC, PSD, and PFD with ease because Adobe AIR download supports many formats. It can also be used to build peer-to-peer and local programs that connect with local servers.

Create High-End Animations:

The app has bitmap support which allows users to create high-quality animations. You can expect rendering at a higher scale and 1,000 times quicker than previous AIR versions because of Stage3D, which mixes 3D and 2D graphics. Although this functionality is now only accessible on Windows, Adobe has said that it will be available on Adobe AIR Android in the near future.

Additional Capabilities:

Animations, canvas support, and CSS transforms are all included in the newest version of AIR. Drag and drop information from the program to a local folder or synchronize data on mass storage devices. Apps like e-commerce shops and content management systems benefit from these two Adobe AIR capabilities, which improve user engagement.

HD-Quality Video:

Use industry-standard codecs like H.264, AAC, and MP3 to play high-quality HD video. To deliver top-rated video performance, use GPU hardware optimization and chipsets that scale across all platforms.

How to Download and Install Air Free for MAC?

Air free download for mac is super easier than you imagine. With the help of Android emulators, you can download this app. You might be wondering, “What are emulators?” Emulators are third-party software that allows you to use an Android screen on your Mac. As a result, you can use any apps designed specifically for Android on your MacBook.

There are several emulators available on the internet. Remix OS, Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu, and ARCHon are the most well-known and user-friendly emulators. We’ll use Bluestacks to show you how to download the Air Free app.

Step 1: Go to the Bluestacks official site to download the DMG setup file &then install it like the other software.

How to Download and Install Air Free for MAC using bluestacks

Step 2: When the installation process is completed, open Bluestacks on your Mac, and then from the home page, you need to open Google Play.

go to play store to download Air Free for MAC

Step 3: Provide all your info from the Gmail account you hold and sign in to the Play Store.

sign in to download Air Free for MAC

Step 4: Now on the Play Store’s search box, type Adobe Air and press the blue magnifying icon to get the search results.

search for adobe air

Step 5: From the search results, find the exact Adobe Air app with the same logo. Then tap the Install button to get this app on your MacBook. It’ll install automatically on your device.How to Download and Install Air Free for MAC

Download Air Free App From Mac App Store

Air Free Download for Mac is also possible from the Mac App Store. This process will be much easier than downloading Air free with the emulators. Keep following the procedure to have Adobe Air on your MacBook Pro.

  • Visit the Apple Store from your browser.
  • If you’re still not logged in to the Mac Store, Log in with your Apple ID.
  • On the search box of Apple Store, type ‘Air Free.’
  • When you get the search results, tap the Air free app thumbnail.
  • Then tap the ‘Get’ option to download Air Free app on your Mac.

Alternative apps to Air Free for Mac

Here is the two most popular alternative to Air Free App than can also be used on your Mac.

1. KodeWeave:

KodeWeave is a real-time HTML, CSS, and Javascript development playground. This app was designed to function offline and as a prototype application for desktop operating systems. Like jsfiddle, jsbin, dabblet, liveweave, codepen, cssdeck, cssdesk, tinkerbin d3 playground, plunker, and Pastebin, kodeWeave allows you to export your online app as a desktop or chrome application.

2. Codename One:

Codename One is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app that allows you to create native iOS, Android, desktop, and web apps using only one Java or Kotlin codebase. It has the ability to convert Java bytecode to native OS executables. It’s a fully mobile platform with virtual machines, simulators, design tools, IDE connections, and ports to different operating systems, among other things. This app uses a portable abstraction to offer complete access to the underlying native OS code.adobe air alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

Under this segment, we’ve added some questions that are often asked by the Adobe Air free App users.  We hope that this information will help you to solve your issues too.

Is Adobe Air Safe to download?

When utilizing Adobe AIR to create apps, you need to be concerned about the application’s security. As a result, you should be known that AIR is safe and that all the material you produce and save on the app is protected by Adobe Access Technology.

Is Adobe Air Discontinued?

The app has not been removed from the internet. However, HARMAN will be in charge of its future development. The app, which was created by Adobe, will now be administered by HARMAN, a partner business participating in the project.  The firm is well-positioned to supply Adobe AIR support, having done so since 2019. HARMAN will be in charge of all future updates and communication.

Is Adobe Air for Free?

Adobe AIR for Windows is a free and dependable app that allows developers to create programs for a variety of devices. It provides sophisticated developers with a simplified and small deployment platform.

Wrapping Up

Air Free App will be the best option if you’re searching for a simple solution to make Apps and games. Bitmap support, improved and quick rendering, and 2D/3D accelerated graphics are all included in this app. With its assistance, you can simply build games and applications that pass quality assurance rapidly. Air Free Download for mac will be easier for you as you can make apps on a bigger screen. If you’re a coder and want everything in one place, then this app is for you. Get Air Free app to design, create and edit your apps and games with it.

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