7-Zip For Mac

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7z is a file compression format known for its security and stability. However, archiving and unarchiving a .7z file on Mac requires you to use a tool like 7-Zip. With this powerful compression tool, you can quickly zip or unzip files just with a click.

7-Zip For Mac

However, 7-Zip is not available on the official app store of Mac; therefore, downloading it is a little tricky. Here in this article, you’ll learn how to download and use 7-Zip on Mac.

How to Download 7-Zip On Mac?

There is no way yet to download 7-Zip on a Mac since this tool is only available on Windows. But there are some fantastic 7-Zip alternatives that are similar to the file compressing tool in terms of features and functionality. 

Here are the top three options that you can use on Mac instead of 7-Zip. 


The Unarchiver is a free utility which can extract files from archives. But this tool can only unzip files. Unarchiver can support a variety of archive formats like- 19 old formats, 14 popular archive formats, and 10 unusual formats. 


Keka is a free utility tool that Mac users can use to zip and unzip files. It can archive/ unarchive files in three formats, and this application is relatively easy to use. 


Cisdem is another excellent alternative to 7-Zip. Like Unarchiver and Keka, you can use Cisdem to archive or unarchive files on Mac. 

How to Download and Use the Unarchiver on Mac

Here is the complete guide on downloading the Unarchiver on Mac from the app store. But you must note that Unarchiver works on MacOs 10.7 or later versions. 

  • First, you have to download the latest 4.3.5 version of The Unarchiver from the app store. 
  • Open the Unarchiver as soon as the installation gets completed. You’ll see the file association list. 
  • You will find the .7z archive option there as well. Inform Unarchiver to associate it with .7z files. 
  • Once done, you can now double click on any .7z compressed file on Mac; it’ll uncompress the file at the location you want. 
  • You can also launch Unarchiver and drag and drop any .7z files to the utility and open any .7z archive files. 

How to Download and Use Keka on Mac

Keka is a free utility that Mac users can download from here https://www.keka.io/en/. Steps to create a .7z using Keka- 

  • First, download Keka and install it on your PC. 
  • Open the application, and you’ll find a location to select/browse files to be converted. 
  • Enter the required information, and the file gets created in a .7z format. 

How to Download and Use Cisdem on Mac?

Steps to create a 7-Zip file using Cisdem- 

  • First, download Cisdem and install it on your PC. 
  • Open the application, and click on add to import files for unzipping. 
  • Now click on extract to save the archived files to your preferred location.  
  • To compress files to archives, click on iPack and add files. 
  • Now click on compress to zip files into archives. 

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