5 Best GameBoy Emulators for Mac

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GameBoy is a handheld console that first entered the gaming world in 1989 in Japan, and Nintendo released it. Playing with GameBoy consoles was quite popular in the 90s, but it lost its popularity with the advent of advanced video games. 

However, GameBoy consoles have again made their entry among game lovers in recent times. But finding the real GameBoy advance today can be difficult, which is where GameBoy emulators come into the scene. 

By installing a GameBoy emulator on your Mac, you can play the original GBA games and relive those good old days. But finding the perfect GameBoy emulator for Mac might take some work since most GBA emulators are designed for Windows users. 

To ease your task, I have shortlisted the five best GameBoy emulators for Mac, using which you can experience playing the GBA games and spice up your boring gaming routines. 

5 Best GameBoy Emulators for Mac

What is a GameBoy Emulator? Why Do You Need it for Mac?

GameBoy emulator is software that allows you to play the game on platforms like Mac even though the games were not created for the OS. If you have the software installed, you can play the oz GameBoy games seamlessly on your Macbook. 

But you’ve to be careful while downloading or installing emulators on your Mac. All GameBoy emulators are not authorized, so always read reviews before installing any. But I have made the job easier for you. The emulators I have listed in this article are safe to use on a Macbook. Using these, you can play GameBoy without facing any issues. 

5 Best GameBoy Emulators You Can Download 

Below mentioned are the five best GameBoy emulators for Mac that let you play all famous GameBoy games like Mario, Pokemon, Sonic Advance, etc.- 

  1. RetroArch

RetroArch is one of the most sought-after GameBoy emulators for Mac. You can find almost all GameBoy classic games on this platform, making it quite popular among Mac users. The best thing about RetroArch is that it lets you switch between systems. 

The advanced setting system of RetroArch lets users change or tweak almost all settings. Additionally, when it comes to animations and menu interference, there are numerous options, and users can select any based on their preference. 

Download It Here

  1. VisualBoy Advance 

VisualBoy is another one of the best GameBoy emulators that have been out there on the internet for quite a while. VisualBoy also lets you play almost all GameBoy games on your Mac, and the best part is that VisualBoy works with old Mac models. 

Some of the additional perks of using VisualBoy Advance are: it comes with a printer emulation, joystick support, and save functions. 

Download It Here

  1. Boycott Advance 

Boycott Advance is another popular GBA emulator Mac OS users can opt for. The emulator has an optimized CPU performance for high-quality gameplay on your device and offers advanced video game features like rotation and scaling. 

The list of GBA game choices in Boycott Advance is endless. Mac users can play almost any GBA game by installing this emulator. To unlock more advanced features like full-screen mode, USB joysticks, audio effects, gamepad and more, you can also use an emulator enhancer. 

Download It Here

  1. OpenEmu 

OpenEmu is an easy-to-use multipurpose GameBoy emulator for Mac. It has an easy button mapping feature using which users can connect to multiple controllers. 

OpenEmu supports most GameBoy games, so Mac users can take full advantage of installing it. It automatically arranges the ROMs in alphabetical order so you can easily pick the games you want to play. 

Additionally, using OpenEmu, you can emulate GBC, GBA, NES, and more. The only thing I have noticed about OpenEmu is that the emulator shuts down automatically in the middle of playing. It’s not something that bothers me much but could be a turn-off for some, so you might want to check that out. 

Download It Here

  1. mGBA

Wrapping up the list of best GameBoy emulators with mGBA. This is yet another fantastic emulator for Mac users since it’s a multi-platform emulator, so you can play games from different consoles and not only GameBoy. 

One of the unique features of mGBA is the cheat codes, so players who love using cheats in video games can now use it while playing GameBoy. The options of GBA games in this emulator are endless. 

Moreover, mGBA comes with a joystick, you can save and reload your game status, plus there is a USB gamepad controller support system as well. 

Download It Here


Can You Play GameBoy Games on Mac?

The GameBoy console isn’t made for Mac, so you can’t directly download GBA games on Macbook. But there are emulators, installing which you can experience playing GBA games just like you would experience playing it using the console.

What Is The Best GBA Emulator For Mac?

Some of the best GBA emulators for Mac are- mGBA, Boycott Advance, OpenEmu, etc. These have quite a few features and give you the smoothest playing experience.

How Do You Emulate A GameBoy Game On Mac?

You have to install an emulator that’s suitable for Macbook. The Mac-friendly GameBoy emulators have the GBA game copies from the ROM chip located on the console, and when you install it on your PC, it feels like the GBA games have been played on the console.

Are GameBoy Emulators Legal?

Yes, downloading and using emulators are legal. But you cannot download copyrighted ROMs for games as it’s illegal and might get you in trouble.


That was everything about the best GameBoy emulators for Mac users. The emulators I mentioned have some amazing features and lots of GBA game options. So now you can go ahead and download the emulator you think will work best for you. 

If there is anything more you want to know about GameBoy emulators, let me know in the comments!

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