3D Home Design For Mac: 5 Best Apps for 2022

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Whether you are an aspiring interior designer or are interested in home design in general, 3D home design software can make your job easier. Access to good software can give you a visual representation of what your home or workspace will look like. 

But Mac users often find the list of available tools shorter than Windows OS. Having a good Mac compatible 3D home design app with all excellent features is indispensable to create amazing 3D models. 

In this article, we’ll familiarize you with some of the best 3D home design software for Mac, so continue reading and know which tools industry experts recommend and use.  

3D Home Design For Mac: 5 Best Apps for 2022

What Is 3D Home Design Software? 

A 3D home design software gives you a realistic representation of your home. If you are designing or renovating your home, 3D interior software will help you get an exact replica of what your new home will look like with proper lighting and other decorative stuff. 

3D software representations are based on 2D architectural, civil, structural, electric, mechanical, plumbing structures etc. So you can rely on the software to give you an exact idea of all the details. 3D software helps designers avoid problems that may occur after building your home. 

Such technology helps keep things transparent between designers, engineers, builders, architects, contractors, and everyone involved in the job. Now that you have understood the importance of 3D home design software, let’s look at the best software for Mac in the following section.

5 Best 3D Home Design Softwares For Mac You Should Download 

Here are the five best 3D home design software Mac users can opt for. We have shortlisted the software based on these parameters- ease of use, interior design, exterior design, floor planning, home decorations, sharing capabilities, support options, and the like. 



Cedreo is one of the best 3D home design software for designers as well as home builders. The app has a wide variety of features using which you can create detailed 3D designs in just a couple of hours. 

Cedreo is known for its speed and efficiency. It’s an online and cloud-based software, so it’s compatible with Mac and most computers. 

Cedreo has a wide range of customization options, a decor and furnishing library with more than 700 items, 3D and 2D floor design templates, personalized lighting and shadow modes, and save and reuse template options. 

It’s a paid software that has different plans for different budgets. You can check out the complete Cedreo paid plan here

2.Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is another great home design software for Mac users. The software has easy-to-use features, so even beginners can use it without facing many issues. Plus, the software graphics have high-quality 2D objects and 3D rendering that lets you easily switch between 2D and 3D to get an even more precise idea of how your designs will look. 

The software has thousands of decor objects and models for furniture, materials, and other decor pieces. This app also allows terrain editing, meaning you can now design your home surrounded by different terrains like landscapes, mountains, etc. 
You get two versions of Live Home 3D- standard and pro. The standard version does not have much to offer since it’s relatively cheaper than the Pro version. Check out the complete paid plan for Live Home 3D here.



Mac users can also go for Roomle for 3D home designing. It’s a 3D and 2D home design software compatible with iOS, macOS, and Windows PCs. The software is designed with easy-to-use features so all users, be it professional designers or laymen, can get their hands on the software without any hassle. 

Roomle has integrated furniture catalogs of notable manufacturers like IKEA, Vitra, and Samsung for an even more vivid representation. If you like the furniture or other decor pieces from this brand, you can purchase them directly from the software. 
The app is great for getting multiple design templates and other decor-related stuff, but the only drawback is that its paid plans are pretty expensive. Check out Roomle’s paid plans here.

4.Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

If you are just a beginner or don’t want to invest in paid 3D software, Sweet Home 3D is the best option to opt for. It’s a simple yet effective tool that lets you design your home in 2D and view the design later in 3D. 

Apart from having different design templates, it has landscaping tools as well. The best part is that Sweet Home 3D has recently got an update that makes the software compatible for M1 Macs as well. 

But it has a drawback too. The free plan does not let you save your designs. To save your designs on a Mac desktop, you have to pay 13.99 dollars. 

5.Virtual Architect Home Design

Virtual Architect Home Design

Here is the last best 3D home design software for Mac to wrap up the list. The extensive range of design templates for exterior and interior design makes Virtual Architect Home Design one of the best software for professional designers and architects. 

But a wide range of design wizards, including outbuildings and extensions for home and office designs, makes the software beginner-friendly. With the app’s help, you can redesign an existing structure or create a completely new one. 

In addition to numerous design templates, you get more than 7,500 plants in the catalog for different soil types and climates. It gives you an even clearer idea of what you want your outdoor or indoor garden to look like. 

While it’s an excellent app for professionals and beginners, it comes at a high cost. Virtual Architect Home Design is by far the costliest 3D software, which is the only drawback of this software.


Does FlooPlanner Work On Mac?

No, FloorPlanner is not available for Mac. You have to check out similar alternatives that are compatible with macOS.

Is 5D Planner Free?

Yes, the 5D planner is free, but if you want to access the catalog, you’ll have to pay for it.

Can I Design My Home Online For Free On My Mac?

Yes, with the help of good interior 3D software, you can design your home for free on Mac. However, in most cases, to get complete access to the catalog, you have to opt for the paid plans.


That was it for the best 3D home design software for Mac. We have talked about both the benefits and drawbacks of each software, so now it’s your time to decide which one fits your needs best.

If you want to know anything more regarding 3D design software for Mac, let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for interesting updates.

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