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The demand for security cameras has seen a steady increase. Many of people now use IP cameras to keep their eyes on their home, office, or business 24/7 for security purposes. To monitor the camera surveillance, you will need an app that shows real-time footage. Which app is suitable for use to control your cameras from everywhere?

It is difficult to find the best one from so many alternatives. We have tried and tested a couple of mobile client software, and from those, iVMS 4500 is comparatively better. This app is used to monitor the real-time Live Video from enclosed, NVR, DVR, Network Speed Dome, Network Camera, and more. However, in this write-up, we’ll show how you can get iVMS 4500 for Mac to get the live video on a big screen.

About iVMS 4500 App

The iVMS 4500 is a mobile client software designed for Android Smartphones on the testimony of version 4 or higher. This application was designed by HIKVISION HQ, a Chinese software developer company. It was released in 2016, and since its release till date, nearly 10 million people have installed it on their devices.

iVMS 4500 for Mac

The iVMS-4500 works with Hikvision Camera, HD TVI CCTV Camera, DVR, IP Cameras, NVR, and more. Although it is designed for Android and iOS, it is possible to use it on your Mac Operating system with any third-party software Android emulator.

Specification of iVMS 4500 App

On the table below, we have highlighted some necessary specifications of iVMS 4500. Hopefully, these will help you to sort out the original app on the play store.

Application NameiVMS-4500Content Rating 3
License FreeOffered By HIKVISION HQ
Last UpdateNovember 4,   2019File size 44Mb
Current Version 4.7.7Official Website

Features of iVMS-4500 App

The iVMS-4500 app possesses some top-notch features that is enough to convinve anyone to download this app. Below, we have highlighted some of the most important features that have been aforementioned.

Real-Time Video:

With the feature, you’ll be able to watch real-time video on your CCTV Cameras. It is also possible to view up to 16 channels on this app, a feature that you’ll hardly get on other apps similar to iVMS-4500.

Snapshot & Video Recording:

With the help of iVMS 4500, you can take snapshots of certain footage from your surveillance cameras. Additionally, you can record and save live videos on the storage of your device that can be watched later.

Remote Playback:

Remote Playback is one of the prominent features of the app. This feature lets you play your camera feed offline. This feature is not available on regular apps.

Zoom in & Out:

In its preview mode, you can zoom in out your videos to get the video details. CCTV camera movement and PTZ control are available there.

Motion Detection & Alert:

Whenever something unusual happens in your house, you’ll get an instant alert on your devices. Motion detection helps you to find the actual object with details.

How to Download & Install iVMS 4500 for Mac

Downloading the iVMS 4500 app for Mac is easier than you may presume. With Android emulators, you can accomplish the job. You may ask, what are Emulators? Emulators are third-party software that knocks off an Android screen on your macOS. Additionally, you can have any app on your MacBook that is developed forAndroid only.

There are many emulators that are available on the internet. The most familiar and user-friendly emulators are Remix OS, Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmuand, and ARCHon. Here, we’ll use Bluestacks to demonstrate the download procedures step by step.

How to Download iVMS 4500 With Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is one of the most easy-to-use emulators. Downloading the iVMS 4500 app for macOS with Bluestacks is not a difficult task at all. Check the steps below on how to get the app with ease.

First Step: Move to the Official website of Bluestacks to download the emulator app and install it by launching the setup file.

How to Download iVMS 4500 With Bluestacks

Second Step: After installing the app, open it on your MacBook, and from the homepage select the Play Store.

How to Download iVMS 4500 With Bluestacks 2

Third Step: Once you have access to the Play Store, search “iVMS 4500” on the search bar and wait for the search result.

Fourth Step: Now, click on the iVMS 4500 app icon, and you’ll see an “Install” option on the right side below.

How to Download iVMS 4500 With Bluestacks 4

Fifth Step: Once iVMS 4500 is installed, you’ll see the System App folder “My App”. Open it and start using it to monitor your IP Camera from everywhere.

How to Download & Install iVMS 4500 From the Mac Store

Downloading iVMS 4500 from the Mac store is much easier than with emulators. Follow the simple steps below to have the app on your Macbook or Macbook pro.

  1. Launch App Store First
  2. Log in with Apple ID (If you are not logged in yet)
  3. Search the “iVMS 4500” on the app store’s search bar
  4. After showing the search result, press on the app icon
  5. Click on the “Get” option from the right side below

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that were often asked by users have been answered below. We hope these will assist you in getting more information about the iVMS 4500 app.

How Do I Install iVMS-4500 on My Smart Sony Tv?

Installing iVMS 4500 on Sony Smart TV is simple. Go to the Smart Sony Tv’s setting and select “Applications,” choose iVMS 4500 and click on the “Open” Option.

How Do I Connect My Surveillance Cameras on iVMS 4500?

Connecting cameras the iVMS 4500 on your Mac is easy. Simply open the iVMS 4500 app from Bluestacks, click the three horizontal lines at top the left side. Select “Live View” and from the new window, click on the (+) icon from the right side above. Provide some information like Device Domain, User ID, Password, and Save.

Can I Download iVMS 4500 for Pc Including Windows 10?

Yes, you can. Simply install an emulator on your PC, sign in to the Play Store, search for the app and install it after showing the search result.

How Many IP Cameras Can I Use on iVMS 4500?

More than five cameras can connect to this application. It ensures high-resolution Live Videos as well.

What Can I Do If iVMS 4500 Doesn’t Work?

This problem usually happens for several reasons, although, system file corruption is one of the main reasons behind it. To fix the problem, you can clear the cache of the app or reset your device.

Final Verdict

The iVMS 4500 is one of the best mobile client software that enables you monitor your surveillance camera from everywhere. From recording live video, to playback features, you’ll get everything on this app. It also provides motion detection and instant alert, thus it is easy to identify intruders.

Throughout the article, the download procedure of iVMS 4500 for Mac has been illustrated. Two different download procedures have also been provided. You can apply any of these methods to have iVMS 4500 on your device. However, for any queries about the app kindly drop your comment below.

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